Tuesday 11/17 – BROADCAST

With COVID-19 cases spiking across the nation and in Washington, our state government has decided to reinstate statewide restrictions. EFFECTIVE TUESDAY, we will not run in-gym classes. Instead, fitness can be achieved at home and outdoors, both on your own and with our recommendations. Check your inbox for this week’s workouts and more details on this news.⁣

As of today, Tuesday Nov 17 we will stop classes until State guidance says otherwise. We look forward to reopening in December and seeing your healthy and happy faces again!⁣

We all need to stay vigilant – please mask up, stay physically distant from others, and stay home unless absolutely necessary.⁣

The health and safety of our community and staff is always our top priority. We’ll notify you as we have more details about our reopening timeframe.⁣

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 11/17/2020


for time:
6:00 cardio (jump rope/run/row/etc)
50 power cleans
40 box jumps
30 shoulder-to-overhead
20 pogo burpees

Choose whatever form of cardio is available to you: the workout was created with jump roping (double unders or single unders) in mind. You’ll also need something you can clean 50x then go overhead with 30x, something to jump on top of, and room to burpee. Figure out how to chop up the sets, but continue moving as much as you can.

Post time to comments.

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