Monday 6/28

We’re adjusting our programming for the week to reflect the hot weather we’ve been having. Since we’ve been around 100 degrees today will be about joint health and pump rather than some heavy breathing.

Hydrate! Eat! Maybe take a rest day! Stay cool and we’ll see you soon.

WORKOUT for Monday 6/28/2021


Row until told otherwise then
– Tabata thrusters, empty barbell
– Tabata top-to-top pushups
– Then HSPU ladder of 4 rounds of 1-2-1 reps


4:00 tempo front squats, 15-30kg
4:00 Z-press, 15-30kg
4:00 good morning, 15-30kg
3-4×20-30 strict pushups
3-4×12-15 JM press
3-4×5-8 HSPU/HSPU neg
3×21’s pullups, spotted
3×21’s (Zottman) bicep curls
3×21’s Lu raises


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