Friday 12/9

The infamous 12 Days of CrossFit workout is coming to classes twice this month: Sat 12/17 and Wed 12/28

FCF and CFSLU athletes playing Masskrugstemmen

WORKOUT for Champagne Friday 12/9/2022

Complete both parts

a. 5k for time
b. EMOM x20 do 3-5 DB hang snatches, 2×20/35/50lbs
(in remaining time of each interval do walking lunges on the EVEN minutes, situps on the ODD)

Post 5k time to whiteboard!

*Join us at the 5:30pm and 6:30pm classes for complimentary bubbly!*

ENGINE for Fri 12/9

2-2-3 intervals of

a. 15 shuttle runs & 30 toes-to-bar
b. 30 calorie row & 45 box jump overs


8 barbell Cali roll
10 in-and-out plyo pushups
8 BW tricep extensions
10 archer pushups
8 X-pushups
10 offset pushups (switch sides halfway)

Complete 2-3 times either in consecutive sets or in rounds.

GYMNASTICS for Fri 12/9

E2MOM x6
6 SHSPU/negative HSPU
12 alternating single leg squats
18 shoulder taps/HSW’

AMRAP in 5:00
12 bicycle crunch
6 teapots/one side, medium-heavy
12 hollow rocks
6 teapots/other side, medium-heavy

then false-grip and muscle-up work