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Check out the article The Seattle Times wrote! Features a certain gym you may go to…

WORKOUT for Monday 6/13/2022


every :90 x 12 sets for max load:
clean + jerk +front squat + jerk


30 muscle-ups for time

Can modify to 100 pullups or 100 chest-to-bar pullups or 50 bar muscle-ups. Post time to whiteboard!

Monday was all about lifting heavy. Today is about volume and speed in gymnastics.

What will Friday be?

On Saturday you’ll have a chance to do a half-marathon row (if you budget 2 hours or so of your day).

Also I’m serious.

WORKOUT for Wednesday May the Fourth (Be With You) 2022

30 muscle-ups for time, or

50 bar muscle-ups for time, or

100 pullups for time

Choose the most difficult but doable skill. Post time to whiteboard!

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