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PARTNER WORKOUT for Saturday 4/30/2022

max alternating rounds in 20:00
1 power clean
3 push jerks
5 deadlifts
7 hand-release pushups

Barbell Rx = 30/45/64kg. Athlete A does one full round before tagging Athlete B for them to do the same round. How many rounds can the pair complete in 20 minutes?

Post scores to whiteboard!


We just released the details about our Winter Training Camp! Basically it’s a new Tuesday/Friday class that’s not necessarily based in CrossFit (but it’s definitely inspired by it) to prepare those into winter sports or just develop stronger legs and core.

RSVP to this week’s Trial Classes on Tuesday 5:30pm and again on Friday 5:30pm (where you can bring non-member friends) if you want to try it out!

WORKOUT for Monday 11/1/2021

jumping development warmup then

for time:
50m dumbbell overhead lunge
30 (strict) pullups
50m dumbbell overhead lunge
30 (strict) t2b
50m dumbbell overhead lunge
30 (strict) k2e
50m dumbbell overhead lunge
30 (strict) chinups

Rx = 20/35/50lbs dumbbell. Post times to whiteboard!