FCF Intramural Open 2017

That’s right, we’re doing it again!

Last year Andrew found a great idea from Catalyst Fitness which brought forth FCF Intramural Open 2016. Our goal is essentially the same: to educate and inspire you. The participation in the Open (competition) naturally helps with the inspire aspect.

The pressure to perform pushes you to train harder; the social boost of dozens of your best friends cheering for you will help you reach a higher plane.

One of my favorite things about the Open is that last part: cheering each other on. The majority of our gym don’t have goals to make it to Regionals but we sure put our all into those workouts like we’re gunnin’ for it. We enjoy and we suffer together. The camaraderie that comes out of that mutual suffering is so rare and unique!

Can we bring that worldwide thrill home? Can we deliver all the fun of competition without causing any anxiety attacks? We think so.

Like last year, Andrew has chosen four people to be Team Captains and will be meeting this week to go through the private draft where you will be put onto a team. These teams will go through the Open and we’ll finish off the season with our intergym throwdown VERSUS 10!

The finer details to come by the end of the week. Get excited and be prepared to be courted by the team captains to join their team!