Friday Eve


Happy Friday Eve!

We’re finishing up our five-week nutrition challenge this week. You guys have put in a lot of hard work, dedication, and time into these last five weeks so you should be PROUD! Your will power, strength, and changes you’ve seen are the best reward after participating in a challenge like this and it should be enough. Try not to reward yourself with ALL of the things (“treats”) you omitted during the challenge.

Here are some tips and advice on how to ease back into non-challenge life, from our staff:

  • If you eliminated items and are feeling amazing, be deliberate with the reintroduction of those items (one item per 3rd day is recommended) to see how the body reacts to those items. Now is not the time to binge on “cravings” – Jessie
  • Think about all the things you can eat that make you feel great! Feel free to have the things you deliberately skipped during the challenge, but keep it to a single day of the week, see how it feels, then honestly figure out if it’s good for you. You may feel like sh!t with those not-so-clean choices. – Andrew
  • Don’t completely quit! You’ve set up new habits for prepping meals. You’ve probably saved some money not eating out. Continue the habit. Maybe instead of prepping for 5 days in the week, prep for three and be open to other options the other two. Remember why you decided to eat cleanly in the first place and that should be your motivation to continue. – Sheena
  • Our Nutrition Challenge is an effort to change the way people think about food, so the best way to “end” the challenge is to continue to live it and not treat it as a defined timeframe. – Tony
  • Pick one or two changes to adopt long term. I found that after each whole30/nutrition challenge, adhering to all the rules was too big of an expectation. But continuing on with a few nutrition modifications (ie lettuce shells instead of corn/flour tortillas for tacos) is much more realistic and manageable. – Sarah

Robyn is fired up for the 2017 American Masters weightlifting competition in Savannah, GA!

She will be lifting 8am PT (11am EST) tomorrow, Friday 11/10 — watch the livestream HERE.

Good luck Robyn!!