ONE Week…

You’ve heard us talking about it all month. You went hard this weekend and celebrated with us.

And now it’s time to gear up for our 8-week nutrition challenge!!

We’re kicking this week off with Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing today (there are STILL spots left) AND the launch of our challenge-specific website.

We wanted to create a separate site for the challenge so you have one place to go for all-things nutrition during the challenge. This is your home base for getting the support that you need to stay accountable, inspired, and motivated throughout the next eight weeks. Once you register to participate, visit the site daily! Food journals will be posted and shared with all, and we encourage you to interact with one another by posting comments on each others’ food journals and mini challenge submissions. Do not hesitate to ask questions to prompt conversation and discussion in your posts!

Still on the fence? We’re hosting a Q&A session after classes this Saturday, February 3rd starting at 12pm. Come by to geek out a bit about nutrition and get all of your questions answered (for example, YES you can still participate if you are counting macros). See you there!!