Nutrition Q&A

It has been an exciting week seeing all of your registration forms come in for the 2018 Nutrition Challenge! If you’re not signed up yet, go to the site and sign up! We’re asking for sign-ups to get you committed, accountable, and get some goals set for the next two months.

If you’re already signed up, we’ve already got some blog posts up on the nutrition-challenge-specific-website. Be sure to check it out and mark down the events we have planned. There are lots of things happening this month in addition to the challenge (ahem Intramural Open during the CrossFit Games Open.. look out for our blog post on that soon!) and you don’t wanna miss our check-in/event/potlucks planned!

This week has been a prep week for the challenge and we’ve set up a little mini challenge for you to clean out your pantry! Sarah set up a box at the gym for you to bring in your unwanted items and will donate the goods to NW Harvest Food Bank (Cherry Street). Last day to bring in these items will be Monday 2/5.

Lastly, I want to remind you all of our nutrition Q&A session happening this Saturday, after classes at 12pm! Bring your open minds and your questions! See you there!