HSPU Ladder

Congratulations! We completed the 8-Week Pullup Strength Ladder- now it’s time to apply it to handstand pushup strength development.

What pointers could you give AB in 2007?

Our goal is to make you stronger for workouts when we demand more work capacity. During these sessions in class remember that we want to focus on strength, which means control and tension over speed and “completing a rep”.

Starting today we will work on hand balancing skills every other day for the next two months. Enjoy!

Also: this Saturday will be our Nutrition Talk for Foundations, but also the Q&A Session for our Nutrition Challenge beginning next Monday! All the details will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned.

CrossFit WOD for Monday 1/27/2020

2-4-6-8-10-etc in 12:00
  kettlebell snatches/side
  overhead kettlebell reverse lunge/side

Share total completed reps to whiteboard! Post-workout is the shoulder capsule stretch: 2:00 per side followed by at least 2:00 of tricep smashing per arm.

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WATCH: Tricep “smashing”/self-myofascial release with Scott