Saturday 7/11

Emily does a twist in the low lunge position to help activate her thoracic back (aka the t-spine)

SESSION for Saturday 7/11/2020

YZMA – “A toast to the emperor. Long live Kuzco!”

Buy in: Turn on your favorite dance song & get a new groove going (nobody’s watching), then

2:00 lunges (or go for a run)
5:00 Double under work or penguin jumps
20 Good mornings

Buy out: 50 reverse crunches


AMRAP in 20:00
400m run
50 double unders
25 kettlebell/odd-object swings


1:00/side side plnk
1:00 hollow hold
1:00 leg raises
1:00 heel tap
1:00 plank
1:00 v-up

Cool Down: grab your partner, kids, animal, mirror & have a dance party. Then get something to eat.

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