Tuesday 7/21


CONDITIONING for Tuesday 7/21/2020


EMOM 24:00
1) :30 Fast Feet
2) 10 Scap Pushups to Dolphin
3) :30 Burpee Rocket Launchers
4) 20 Frog Pumps (2 sec squeeze at top)

A longer EMOM with heart rate spikes and back/core work. 1 & 3 spike the heart rate while 2 & 4 focus on a toning movement. This means that 1 & 3 need to be all out – and they should be as it’s only 0:30 each!

For the Plank Scap Pushups to Dolphin, really focus on staying tight through the midline, even during the Dolphin. If done correctly, this should really be challenging and tiring through the upper back, which is the point here! Make sure the fists are in front of/slightly below the face to give enough bending room to challenge the Dolphin. Emphasize the extreme ends of the Scap Pushup, dipping as low as possible and pushing the top range as absolute high as possible, holding/squeezing the scaps throughout the Dolphin portion.


1:00 Bent Over Overhead Through the Window
1:00 Sitting Quad Stretch/side
1:00 Wall Calf Stretch
1:00 Seal

Post results to comments!

Pullup Strength Ladder (Week 4 of 12): EMOM x4 of 1-2-1 reps

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  1. Sandi Philippen
    Sandi Philippen says:

    great EMOM! it was my first moderately intense workout since i hurt my back a little over a week ago, & it was a good re-entry. thanks for the great programming!

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