Friday 10/8

This Saturday marks the RETURN OF PARTNER WORKOUTS!

Everyone has been very careful and respectful sharing equipment so we’re going to do Partner Workouts on Saturdays again. As always, we’ll have a “solo” offering too, if you prefer to do a one-person version of the workout.

WORKOUT for Friday 10/8/2021

wall walks and still rings


for time:
100 hang power snatch, 20/35kg
100 push press, 20/35kg
100 sumo deadlift high pull, 20/35kg
100 front squat, 20/35kg

Retesting Wednesday 8/18/2021. Post time to journals!

IIRC many of mentioned how tough this workout was without having a plan- going in with big, even sets in the beginning might seem like the right strategy- just remember that this workout is long and volume is high so you’re going to need to pace your power output so you don’t fail any reps. You’re going to take breaks but be disciplined and keep them short and frequent.

Last time we also sumo deadlifted prior to the workout which may have drained the posterior. Since we’re not doing it this time you will hopefully have more pop for longer.