Week in Preview: 11/14-11/19

It’s the final progression of our 5/3/1 programming (work sets are 75/5, 85/3, 95/1+) for our Monday squats and Friday presses. Eat, sleep, and make sure you’re energetic for good results!

The conditioning to start the week isn’t for time or reps, but rather some proper interval training with barbells and box jumps. Can you stay consistent and find a level (loading, height) that is still challenging for you?

Wednesday sees us snatching and overhead squatting in our strength/skill portion before doing squats and snatches in our conditioning (;

Friday features a CLASSIC CrossFit Benchmark workout. Bring your ropes!

On the weekend we’ll be doing a bodyweight chipper with some decent volume. Then it demands high skill the further in you get. How fun.