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You Did It! 💫

The final week of the 2019 CrossFit Games Open is upon us. We’ve seen an incredible effort among all our athletes, and several firsts including pull-ups, muscle ups, and clean PRs… oh my!  The “5 weeks, 5 workouts” challenge Every week for the past five weeks, your hard work and gym spirit have been adding […]


Our goal for the 19.3 weekend was 35,000 points… we achieved 35,010! 😚💨 Phew, close one! 35,000 was a big goal, and triple points helped us get there. Great show of Seattle pride, everyone! Because of your spirit, we’ve unlocked a special addition to the FCF Wrap-Up party on Saturday 3/23… Chipotle catering! What could […]

25,650 POINTS

Two weeks down, three to go! During CGO 19.2, we saw new PRs including toes-to-bar firsts, improved 16.2 scores, and cleans at reps and loads heavier than you‘d ever done! Kudos to all of you! And guess what?! Your amazing spirit and 19.2 participation unlocked another achievement! Starting today (3/7), a colored Store Sheet will […]

Five weeks, five workouts, one goal: BE EPIC!

Competition can be one of the best motivators for achieving goals and hitting benchmarks. That said, competition doesn’t have to be a dirty, win-at-all-costs scenario. Done right, it will take us as athletes further than we can do for ourselves. Not only that, but it can create lasting bonds between the participants. One of the best ways to […]