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WORKOUT for Friday 10/14/2022

establish a deadlift max, then

“CGO 22.1″
AMRAP in 15 minutes:
3 wall walks
12 dumbbell snatches, 20/35/50lbs
15 box jump overs, 12/20/24”

Post results to whiteboard!

ENGINE for Fri 10/14

4:00 on, 1:00 off
– prowler push & pull
– running single unders
– ECHO bike
– rower

BODYBUILDING for Fri 10/14

4-5 rounds
10 hang muscle clean
12 Gorilla row
:30 rest

3-4 rounds
15 high pulls
20 Chinese lateral raise
1:00 rest

2-3 rounds
max chin-ups
max ring rows
max barbell bicep curls
rest as needed

GYMNASTICS for Fri 10/14

“ANNIE” then

handstand, headstand, and shoulder stand practice


WORKOUT for Friday 7/29/2022

“CGO 22.1″

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
3 wall walks/bear crawls
12 alternating dumbbell snatches, 20/35/50lbs
15 box jump overs, 12/20/24”

Compare to 2/26/2022. Post score to whiteboard!

Gymnastics for Fri 7/29

:03+ top-of-pullup hold
1+ bar muscle-up

then handstand press development: planche, kickup, and negatives


Today’s the day! Our first THROWDOWN in a very long time.

You might’ve wondered why some of the staff has been aggressive in trying to recruit you into registering for the open- we find that this worldwide online competition pushes you to want to be better, train smarter and harder, and truly test yourself.

Testing yourself in a safe, supportive environment is the best way to do it so we push it for these three weeks along with the worldwide CrossFit community.

Theme of the Week: Favorite Sports Team – Wear some gear representing your favorite sports team. The Intramural Team that shows out the most will win SPIRIT POINTS!

And yes, the RSVP method for this weekend is messy so we’ll use something we’ve done in the past for Weeks 2 and 3.

It’s not too late to register to play! You’ll be automatically assigned to a team when I see your name on the official roster.


CGO 22.1

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
3 wall walks/bear crawls
12 alternating dumbbell snatches, 10/20/35/50lbs
15 box jump overs, 12/12/20/24″

Post results to the Games site!

SUGGESTED WARMUP (30+ minutes prior to your heat)

  • 10:00 of cardio to peak up heart rate followed by a general warmup.
  • Setup your station and work on the skills, building to your working weight and box height.
  • Try one round for technical control, then 1-2 more rounds at “game pace”.


– Wear the correct apparel to satisfy the Theme of the Week (see above)
– Prepare to not only try your best in your workout, but to cheer on your fellow athletes
– Judge at least one swolemate’s workout (Judges Certificate not necessary, but definitely helpful to you and your team). The 9am Overview is where we cover the standards of judging as well.
– Bring goodies to share with the community: coffee, fruit, baked goods, pre-workout, post-workout beverages, etc. This optional action may or may not earn your team some spirit points!

WORKOUT for Friday 2/25/2022

You have until Monday to register for the CrossFit Games and therefore our Intramural Open!

CrossFit Games Open 22.1

AMRAP in 15:00
3 wall walks
12 alternating dumbbell snatches, 20/35/50lbs
15 box jump overs, 12/24/24″

Post results to whiteboard and/or the CrossFit Games website! Please review the scorecards below for best performance as athletes and judges:

[Rx and Scaled Division scorecard] [Foundations scorecard]

READ: CrossFit Open 22.1 Workout Description and Strategies – Morning Chalk Up