The 2022 Intramural Open

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide online CrossFit competition where a workout (“event”) is released weekly for three weeks. One week will most likely feature a two-part workout.

This not only brings our smaller FOUNDATION GYM community together, but the entire CrossFit culture and more around the world. We have friends nationally and internationally to motivate and compete with. For some of us it’ll be our twelfth year in a row participating in The Open. We highly recommend doing it as what you get out of it depends on what you put in.

We’ll try our best to explain how we’re approaching it. We make it a fun “Intramural Open” competition and have been enjoying it for a while.

It’s a yearly test and benchmark for us at FOUNDATION, to educate and to inspire. It’s fun and gets us into gear if we don’t already have specific fitness goals. Competition helps with the ‘inspire’ part: the pressure to perform pushes you to train harder; the social boost of dozens of your best friends cheering for you will help you reach a higher plane. Heck, watching your teammates GO is inspiring!

We’ve done it every year as a gym since its inception in 2011. Literally anyone on the planet can play, regardless of experience.

This is essentially what we play when it comes to our workouts at the gym. When you checkout the blog or whiteboard you might see something like

power clean, 30/50/70kg

That means a Scaled-level athlete identifying as a gentleman should be shooting for 50kg power cleans and an Rx athlete should be shooting for 70kg. Move a level for those identifying as ladies: 30kg for scaled and 50kg for Rx. Foundations-level athletes would use loading below the suggested levels they can lift comfortably.

Can we bring that worldwide thrill home to FOUNDATION? Can we deliver all the fun of competition without causing any anxiety attacks? We think so.

Those who officially register via http://games.crossfit.com/ will be drafted by a captain of one of the three different teams we will have.

If not officially registered YOU CAN STILL PLAY. Sign up on the physical sheet at the gym and you’ll be auto-drafted onto a team. Check out how we tally points to see how you’re affected.

Here’s how the training week looks:

We want as many people in on Saturday as possible– it’s also where you and your team can maximize scoring points.

You’ll go through the Open and on the final week we will be ready for our intergym throwdown VERSUS XII. Which team will claim the Golden Hammer?


Registration for the Open can be done until 5pm on Monday 3/1 at games.crossfit.com, Choose ‘Foundation CrossFit‘ as your Affiliate AND ‘Foundation CrossFit‘ as your team. It costs $20. This puts you on the worldwide leaderboard and you’ll have an opportunity each week to input your score and see where you stack up. It’s also nice to be able to look back on what you’ve done and how far along you’ve come.


If you want to be a better, more conscious athlete I highly recommend taking CrossFit’s Online Judges Course for 2022. Here you’ll learn what to look for and how to judge in a competition setting.

If you proceed with the Judges Course, officially register for the 2022 CrossFit Games Open, and complete all of the workouts then we’ll reimburse you the cost of the Open registration come April 2022.


Coaches and the rest of the registered FOUNDATION GYM fam will be drafted onto of three Intramural teams before the official start of the 2022 CrossFit Games Open. Any later entries and those who want to play without officially registering with the CGO will be auto-drafted.


Athletes officially competing in the Open will have only four days to complete each workout: Thursday (when the workout is announced) through Monday evening (when the scores are due). The Open occurs over three weeks with the third and final week concluding with our Intergym Throwdown Competition VERSUS, where your team points entering the event may sway the standings and winners. If the Open is a sport season then VERSUS is the playoffs/championships (and it’s all over within a month!)

As usual, you can be tested at any class on Friday when it’s programmed as the workout of the day for those who show up for fitness.

To earn your team even more points, show up to Competitions Saturdays from 10am to 12pm. This is the day to prepare for. Train well through the week so you can show up with your team and push it to the limit on those Saturdays.

Make-ups can be done during our open hours, but you’ll have to provide your own certified judge and ask the coach-on-duty where you can go. It’s better to come in on Fridays or Saturdays, but we get that life happens.


If you’re posting anything to the socials make sure you tag the gym @foundationgym or the hashtag #HYFRsquad!


Our focus is on celebrating our fitness. We want participation because it will keep you accountable and drive you to new goals. It might push you to a higher-level of training as well!

Register online at the CrossFit Games site (or don’t) and let’s start this party!

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