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Available in Black or White

Limited Edition FCF 2019 Blender Bottle pre-sale is on! This Radian model from Blender Bottle is one of my favorites due to

+ having double-wall insulation that allows your drink to stay cool
+ having a detachable carry loop that also holds the top to the lid
+ including their signature BlenderBall wire wisk for smooth breakdown of your proteins/creatines/carbs/BCAAs/etc
+ being made of stainless steel to avoid the dreaded protein smell!
+ having a wide mouth for easier cleaning (hand wash only)

Preorder by clicking here! They’ll be in towards the end of the month.

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 7/17

alternating top-to-top kettlebell presses 6×8

5 rounds for time:
7 front squats, 70/50kg
9 burpee box jump, 32/24″
400m run


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