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On Monday evening 4/6 we have a full-length Follow Along Workout video premiering on YouTube at 6:30pm.

This week we’ll try some 4:30pm classes:
+ Wednesday 4/8 we will go live on both Instagram and YouTube for a full-length class
+ Friday 4/10 we’ll do another ditty on Instagram Live

Mark your calendars and we’ll see you there! Otherwise check out our online class offerings on ZenPlanner

WORKOUT for Monday 4/6/2020

every minute on the minute for 9 minutes
5 burpees
Goblet squats for remainder of the minute. 

Rest 3 minutes

every minute on the minute for 7 minutes
4 burpees
V-ups for remainder for the minute. 

Rest 2 minutes

every minute on the minute for 5 minutes
3 burpees
HSPU for remainder for the minute. 

Goblet squats are done ideally with a 24/16kg kettlebell, 50/35# dumbbell, or any other odd object like a loaded backpack.

Score is 3 individual numbers: total goblet squats, total v-ups, and total HSPU. Post total reps complete to comments.

2nd Serving: Need More Work? (Strength-Bias)

30-25-20-15-10 reps of
sumo deadlift high pulls
hang power cleans

All ideally done with a pair dumbbells.

HSPU Strength Ladder: EMOM x4 of 1-2-1. You can utilize this strategy without the time constraint during today’s workout.

READ: More Than 70% of Americans with COVID-19 Had At Least 1 Underlying Health Condition, the CDC Says – Business Insider

[Septa Unella yelling SHAME!]

Well we still have a long one today where you have to work hard to earn rest.


TOMORROW: Nutrition 101 and Nutrition Challenge Q&A at 12pm!

CrossFit WOD for Champagne Friday 1/31/2020

complete one round every 2:00 for 30:00
21 (jumping) squats
15 (rolling) v-ups
9 (target) burpees
(3/2/1 handstand pushups)

Everything in parentheses is an optional challenge to those who usually Rx workouts. Only do what you can complete fully.

Share rounds completed to whiteboard. Post-workout is working on SLIPS like this.

READ: https://feedingthefrasers.com
WATCH: How Mat Fraser Eats for Four – NIKE

James S at the bottom of a handstand pushup (HSPU)

Today we sample one of our CompEx classes and see what it’s like: the goal of these classes is more on work, less on skill development. Completion of the standards is paramount, how you complete it is up to you. The volume involved means that you can potentially do a lot of work multiple times with little recovery in between efforts.


+ Russia Has Been Banned From the 2018 Winter Olympics – Ringer

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 12/6

Skills warmup: pullups/dips, rope climbs, jump roping

AMRAP in 7 minutes:
35 double unders
7 double kettlebell overhead squats, 24/16kg

for time:
800m run
40 calorie row
20 burpee over rower

(11:00 time cap)

abs, biceps finisher

Kettlebell WOD

– Primal Mobility
– Shoulder stability
– Get up skills
– American swing discussion/practice
– Simple and Sinister finisher