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Sunday 6/14

We’ve had a few inner reckonings over the last 24 hours through some great discussion and reflection inward. Please read about our new path forward in your inbox this Sunday morning. WORKOUT for Sunday 6/14/2020 for time: 50 odd-object shoulder-to-overhead 40 odd-object step-ups 30 odd-object hang clusters 20 burpee over odd-object 3:00 rest 20 burpee […]

This Week

Summer is upon us and it’s hot out there! Stay hydrated throughout the day, and keep in mind that hydration during exercise isn’t the only time it is important. For those performers out there, drinking a strong electrolyte drink to “preload” your hydration before a long or intense workout can improve your performance significantly. Also, […]


June is Pride Month

Welcome to June! The sun’s out, and we’ll be outside celebrating our incredible community in the 2018 Pride Parade! Why? Because we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to live a fit and healthy life! We are proud to foster a strong, supportive community and fitness for all. Everyone who comes through our doors is […]


FCF/SLU Clothing Drive for JP’s Kids

One of our goals at Foundation CrossFit is to be a positive steward of the community. This is exemplified in our free Community Classes, our October fundraisers over the years, and our charitable holiday activities. This year we are asking you all to help out a former athlete and beloved employee, Jessie Purcell. Those of […]

Why Do We Celebrate Pride?

WHY DO WE CELEBRATE PRIDE? Every June, many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) people celebrate Pride. For many, it’s a time to party! “We are a people, a tribe if you will. And flags are about proclaiming power, so it’s very appropriate….We needed something beautiful, something from us. The rainbow is so perfect because […]

RSVP Policies

This is a repost of an email sent to all of our current athletes on January 11, 2017. We have had an incredible year of growth and improvement as we complete our 7th year of service to the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Foundation CrossFit continues to cement itself as the leader in fitness and exercise, with a strong […]

Free Community Class!

We are offering a free Community CrossFit class this Saturday! Are you a member here? Bring your friends, family, and/or co-workers to join us for a workout appropriate for them! It’s a great opportunity to finally bring that person you’ve been annoying with your “PRs”, “tabatas”, and untimely stretching. Show them what FCF has to offer. […]