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WORKOUT for Wednesday 9/7/2022

E5MOM for 30 minutes complete a 500m row

Score = slowest round. HS/HSPU practice during rests.

ENGINE for Wed 9/7

1:00 pike box walk
1:00 single leg squats
1:00 burpee box jump, high

Repeat for five rounds. Finish with 2:00 max calorie Echo


30-20-10 reps of
DB hang power clean
DB shrug

4-5 rounds
10 Pendlay rows
10 DB curls

REPRESENT: Persistence Athletics (Belltown) Hosts the Army Fitness Test Competition this Friday!

WORKOUT for Wednesday 9/15/2021

wall walks, KOT split squats, calf raises, tibialis raises

6 sets of 3 FRONT SQUATS, as heavy as possible

21-15-9 reps for time:
push press
pistols, R
hang clean
pistols, L

Post times to whiteboard.

WATCH: NAIM, one of the greatest weightlifters who ever lived

WORKOUT for Monday 9/13/2021

wall walks, inverted tucks, inverted pikes, inverted hangs, german hangs, skin-the-cats


for time:
500m row/400m run
50 pogo burpees
50 altering dumbbell snatch, 35/50lbs
50’ overhead walking lunge, 35/50lbs
50 dumbbell hang clean & jerk (5/5), 35/50lbs
50 pogo burpees
500m row/400m run

Post times to whiteboard!

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