17.3 Shout Outs & FCFiO2017 Score Update

Oh hey we’re caught up on scores and.. finally, some barbell action! How many of you enjoyed this one? I know I did! And now a re-rest/repeat WOD for 17.4 aka 16.4! But first, the update you were waiting for…

17.3 Top 3 Podium Finishers

1) Ann-Marie D. 2) Crystal B. 3) Vicky B.
1) Mark-Anthony B. 2) Nathan M. 3) Devin B.

1) Jacki F. 2) Nnenna O. 3) Urmi N.
1) Grayson W. 2) Kris M. 3) Michael P.

Updates for our Intramural leading up to VERSUS X:
1st place team GREEN
2nd place team RED
3rd place team BLUE

Week 1 scores: Green/154, Red/136, Blue/119
Week 2 scores: Green/145, Red/136, Blue/139
Week 3 scores: Green/132, Red/149, Blue/135

It’s getting CLOSE ya’ll! Keep it up, and make sure to RSVP for VERSUSX!

Eli M. getting after 17.3 in Texas.

Mike D. hitting a snatch PR during warm ups!
M. Powe hitting a snatch PR!
C. Guerrero hitting a snatch PR!
Jacki F. PRing her snatch and finishing the whole WOD! WHOO!
Sharla S. got her FIRST chest-to-bar pull up and many more!


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Spirit Award Winners: Ali, Crystal, SMohr

 Thank you for your extra energy, positive attitudes, and donuts. 😉