The 2020 CrossFit Open (20.3 Update!)

This Open we’re changing things up. Instead of having the CGO Event every Saturday morning we’re moving to Friday evenings.

(Throwback to 18point4)


  • On Fridays all classes will run CGO workouts. This week is 20.2 (see below)
  • The Throwdown Event begins with a team huddle at 5:30pm (and again at 6:30pm) to cover the preparation and any specific technique standards and judging particulars.
  • It’s still Champagne Friday so bring something to share and celebrate with for post-workout!
  • Each week we’ll celebrate after everyone completes the workout.
    • 20.1 on 10/11 will be a BBQ at the gym
    • 20.2 on 10/18 will be at Optimism Brewing beginning at 8pm
    • 20.3 on 10/27 will be a BBQ at the gym. Bring something to share! We’ll have the grill on.
    • 20.4 on 11/2, and 20.5 on 11/9 TBD.
  • CGO make-ups or redo’s will happen on Sunday as long as you provide your own judge.
  • Otherwise keep your eyes on the blog for workout descriptions and updates!


  • Friday at 5:30pm and 6:30pm will be marked FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on ZenPlanner. RSVP if you plan to attend.
  • Thursday’s 6am CompEx will move to Wednesday at 6am during the Open
  • Tuesday’s 6:30pm Mobility will move to Wednesday 6:30pm during the Open (and maybe beyond)
  • Sundays schedule will now be 9am HIIT, 10am Mobility, 11am CrossFit, 12pm CrossFit. Guided Training will still access during business hours.


We have some wonderful sponsors this season so we’ll be running some raffles for those present!

  • 3 prize raffles per evening: 5:30pm, 6:30pm, and 7:30pm
  • Must be present to win. One winner per hour. (Up to 5 per hour called)
  • Prizes from RARR Sportswear (joggers, tees, tanks, hats, gift cards), KILL CLIFF, O2 Recovery, Broadcast Coffee, Scrappy Bitters, Sprezza, Anderson & Cattone Physical Therapy, RPM Fitness, Vida Integrated Health, Hookgrip, and more!


  • 1 ticket when you JUDGE any CGO performance.
    • You don’t have to have gone through the cert and there’s no limit to how many you can get!)
  • 1 ticket for THEME participation during FNL.
    • The Weekly Theme will be announced on the blog after the weekly workout announcement.
    • 20.1 is BLACKOUT: the Seattle color of choice.
    • 20.2 is SEATTLE SPORTS: Wear anything that represents our city’s sports teams!
    • 20.3 is NEON. If it’s bright it’s cool
  • 2 tickets if you PERFORM workout during FNL.
    • We must receive a completed score sheet
    • You don’t have to be registered to compete. Just be there for the event!
  • 5 tickets for completing the weekly CHALLENGE.
    • Proof must be put on social or video emailed to
    • Each challenge will be announced after the weekly event is announced Thursday at 5pm.
    • Challenges must be completed before 5pm that following Monday (same deadline as CGO scores)
    • Week 1 (20.1) is max 32/24/16kg kettlebell swings in :30
    • Week 2 (20.2) and Week 3 (20.3) is max target burpees in 1:00 (Watch a demo here:
  • 10 tickets if you pass the 2019 ONLINE JUDGES COURSE
    • Must email the PDF to
    • Can get these retroactively if done earlier this year
    • These tickets are available until the fifth week of competition in November.
  • 10 for officially registering via
    • Have Foundation CrossFit as your affiliate
    • Registration ends Monday 10/14 at 5pm PST