Day 27: Kinda NUTTS

Can you maintain a neutral spine?

CrossFit WOD for Leap Day Saturday 2/29/2020

We have SPARTAN RACE training (rain or shine) with Miles at 10am!

Kinda “NUTTS”
for time:
400m bumper carry anyhow, 20/15/10kg
150 double unders
25 deadlifts, 120/80/60kg
50 burpee-over-bar
25 power cleans, 60/40/20kg
150 double unders
400m bumper carry anyhow, 20/15/10kg

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READ: The Cancer Industry: Hype Vs. Reality – Scientific American

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  1. Miles Smith
    Miles Smith says:

    “The average cost of cancer treatments nowadays is $100,000 per year, with patients shouldering a lot of the costs themselves… 40% of new cancer patients lose all of their life savings within 2 years.”
    “Most new cancer prescriptions extend life by an average of 2.1 months”

    What’s hundreds of thousands of dollars to a few more months of life?
    Interesting to note that the rate of cancer mortality (adjusted for higher lifespans) is about the same today as it was in 1930. I like to hope that the billions of dollars we’re spending on research and treatments is making progress towards more effective cures, but how much of this wealth is benefitting the medical-industrial complex?

    Friday, Feb. 28th
    10 AM – green power smoothie, granola and milk, black tea and crema
    2 PM – meal bar
    CrossFit + THICCening
    8 PM – rose wine, protein bar, protein chips
    9 PM – spaghetti carbonara, roasted veggies
    10 PM – cookies and milk
    11 PM – protein shake + amino acids

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