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Don’t forget to use code RECOVERY1436 at checkout, and pass the message along to help spread the word. We believe in these brands and what they’re doing to help support our community!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, O2, Born Primitive, Puori, and Bear KompleX will be offering a combined $100 gift card ($25 per brand) for all members who maintain active memberships through the month of May. Gift cards will be distributed in the month of June.

Andrew’s favorites of these brands
– Lemon Lime O2,
Bear KompleX weight vest
Bear KompleX Carbon Comp Grips (3-hole)
Bear KompleX patch belt
– and all of the Chomps are delicious

Just a friendly reminder that we have a SHOOT THE SH*T THURSDAY tonight at 6:30pm. Ask questions in the comments, on Instagram, on Facebook, or by email and we’ll talk about it tonight Live on Instagram and Facebook!

SESSION for Thursday 4/30/2020


Start with dynamic range of motion for about 7:00 then 3-5 rounds of these stretches
World’s Greatest Stretch per side
Seated shoulder extension stretch

Review and practice the movements from the workout to ensure quality technique and confidence in ability.


every :90 complete:
12 Burpees over object (ideally DB or KB)
max overhead DB/KB lunges in remaining time

Rest 30 seconds. Repeat for 8 rounds.


every :90 complete
12 Burpees over backpack
max overhead backpack lunges (use both arms to hold object overhead)

Rest 30 seconds. Repeat for 8 rounds.

Share total amount of lunges to comments!

Ideally the burpees and the lunges should go for about :45 each. If it takes them longer than 1:00 to do the 12 burpees, scale the number back to 10 or 8. You can bear the loading overhead however you want. No alternating sides required. Focus on your midline stability, especially as you get fatigued.

2nd Serving – Need More Work? (Endurance-Bias)

Walk briskly for two to three minutes to wake up your muscles.

Run five minutes at an easy, conversational effort to warm your muscles.

Run at a moderate to hard effort for three minutes (not all out).

Run six 15-second accelerations (progress the speed of your runs to close to a sprint and then walk it out to recover).

Finish with four 15-second skipping drills (focusing on pushing off your toes and reaching your body forward versus up in the air).

Set your stopwatch. How far can you run in 25:00?

HSPU Strength Ladder: every minute on the minute for 5 rounds do 1-2-1 handstand pushups (or variable)

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