Club Sandwich

For the month of May you’ll need some sort of medium-heavy load like a bumper plate, a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells (or jugs) and a jump-stretch band.

Rent the equipment from us or you can try to order them on your own. Really a heavy-ish backpack, two medium-heavy handheld items work. For the band you could try to cut a bike inner tube.

SESSION for STAR WARS DAY, May the 4th, 2020


:30 on/:15 off x 4 plank holds
:30 on/:15 off x 4 arch

8:00 of alternating TGU for quality


E3MOM x 3
30 mountain climbers
30 weighted single-arm overhead reverse lunges, medium-heavy

E3MOM x 3
30 bicycle kicks
30 rocket launchers


3 mins Straddle Stretch
2 mins Right side Straddle Stretch
2 mins Left side Straddle Stretch

2nd Serving- Need More Work? (Strength-Bias)

3 x 8-12 glute bridge single-arm floor press, rest 30s between arms, 30s between sets
3 x 8-12 single-arm Z-Press, rest 30s between arms, 30s between sets
3 x 45s banded plank, resting 45s between sets

HSPU Strength Ladder: E2MOM x2 of 1-2-3-2-1 reps

Workout Prep Videos: This past weekend we released a couple of Workout Prep videos for those who want/have to do the workout on their own time and cannot attend any of our Zoom classes. In these videos we cover the workout format, a warm up, and skill session. The workout is then to be done on your own. These will be on a one-day delay and you’ll have to opt-in for the link as they will be unlisted on our YouTube in the future.

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