Saturday 6/6 – Special Workout

A glimpse into our community.

HIIT at 10am today with Mots of Muscle

Rentals still going strong (and we’ve got rental reservations available on the weekends) so come on by wearing a face mask and trade some equipment some 6’+ away from us.

SESSION for Saturday 6/6/2020

BUY-IN: Read “If You Are White and Anti-Racist, This Non-Optical Allyship Guide Is Required Reading”   by Mireille C Harper

WORKOUT: Increasing EMOM Ladder (aka “Death By”)

every minute on the minute do 1 burpee, then nasal breathing until the next minute. On that next minute add an additional burpee to total you owe. Example: for the 1st minute you do 1 burpee, 2nd minute you’d do 2 burpees, 3rd minute you’d do 3 burpees, etc.

Continue until you cannot complete the required work in time.

CASH-OUT with a donation to organizations and causes committed to fighting for racial justice. We like this one, for starters, but of course you can support the causes you feel you need to. If you can’t donate money, donate time to organizations who need it. Show up and help supply protesters with food and water. Write your representatives. Check in on your black friends, family, and co-workers. Have those difficult conversations with friends and family who disagree that Black Lives Matter. Register to Vote if you haven’t. Get other people registered to vote. Research what you can and take action now.

Post scores to comments. Email us your donation receipt and FCF will match it.

Let’s f*cking go!

– Equipped? You can do this with any kettlebell/dumbbell/barbell movement as you please. Snatches, power cleans, etc.
– The idea was sparked by @BlackPowerCleans on instagram. Many FCF athletes tagged us in it. With accessibility to equipment being so limited we wanted a version where no one had excuses.
– Do this as a silent workout. It’s been an emotional week for many- this may be an emotional workout. Consider this another moment of silence (especially in our peaceful protest) to the many Black Lives lost.
– It will also allow for a reflection in silence of what all is happening around us: racial change/COVID-19/and the ever-changing world around us.

READ: Black Squares Don’t Save Black Lives – HyperAllergic
WATCH: Went live yesterday with a bodyweight workout you can keep in your back pocket. Mad because our first attempt at the stream mysteriously violated the YouTube terms of service somehow.