Sunday 6/7/2020

Join us at 10am for Yoga with Ivan on Zoom.

We know many of you can’t make Dave’s IG Live cooking shows, and that a number of you have asked to somehow make it accessible after the fact. Well here’s our short-form version of that. It premieres at 1pm on our YouTube.

SESSION for Sunday 6/7/2020

Buy-In: Pickup and read White Fragility on Amazon or Audible.


6:00 AMRAP
overhead squats
weighted situp

2:00 rest then max alternating one-arm Devil’s press in 4:00

Notes: Use a broom stick, shirt/jacket, really anything that allows you a wide overhead position to challenge the overhead squat today. If the overhead position is difficult to do mobility-wise then front or back squatting is fine. Weighted situp with whatever you’re doing your squats with.

Cash-out: We encourage you to get involved in ways that will effect a sustained change against systemic racism and discrimination.

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