Saturday 7/4

Appa wishes you a safe weekend!

HIIT with Team Mots premieres at 10am!

WORKOUT for Saturday 7/3/2020


Go for a 5k run but it’s in intervals:
For 2:00 – go hard (80-90%)
For 1:00- jog it out (breathe & get that heart rate back down)

Weather wet? Tough, it’s Seattle! If you must stay indoors do 18:00 of: 2:00 toe-taps, 1:00 good mornings. This one’s a lung & leg scortcher!

Followed by:
Bring Sally Up (find “Flower” by Moby- Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube)

  • On “BRING SALLY UP” pushup into the plank
  • On “BRING SALLY DOWN” lower but do not touch the ground with your body- only hands and feet.

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