Thursday 7/16

Be like Raul and clean off everything you touch (and might have touched) at the beginning and end of your session, at one of our workout stations taped off for our athletes.

In-Gym STRENGTH is back squats, bench press, (strict) pullups, and more!

CONDITIONING for Thursday 7/16/2020

The Disgruntled Rodents

100 Mountain Climbers (L+R=1)
80 Reverse Lunge Single Knee Jumps (40 L then 40 R; not alt)
60 Arch Ups
40 V Ups
20 Hip Bridges (5-second squeeze at top)

Start and EMOM: 10 Upper Back Ups

This is a mostly full body chipper, with a focus on the upper back. Since most of our COVID-19 workouts haven’t included back, we need to start getting it into shape. That said be conscious of this and decrease the reps if needed during the workout.


1:00 Seal Stretch
1:00 Rear Elevated Single Leg Hip Flexor/side
1:00 Straddle Center
1:00 Straddle Left
1:00 Straddle Right

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WATCH: Our glutes are weak when we don’t have a ton of weight options. Here are some variations you can do at home!