Thursday 12/31

Day 12 of the 12 Days of FOUNDATION: do 12 rocking pistols

Or do 12 rocking pistols, 11 thrusters, 10 Devil’s press, 9 situps, 8 burpees, 7 high pulls, 6 v-ups, 5-second handstand, 4 hang squat cleans, 3 handstand/hand-release pushups, 2 wall walks, and a 100m run.

OR do the entire workout in cumulative song format (the same way the “12 Days of Christmas” song is sung)- which is how we’ll do the 8am Zoom workout!

CONDITIONING for Thursday 12/31/2020


AMRAP in 15:00
70 push press
60 step-ups
50 push press
40 step-ups
30 push press
20 step-ups

Ideally done with an empty barbell, you can do this with any loading you might have- a backpack works well! If you don’t have a box or anything to step-up on then just do lunges. Goal is at least one round. Post results to comments!

WATCH: The workout is mislabeled, but it IS the correct workout.