Thursday 4/1

Who’s else loves Bell Ball?

The excitement/dread comes from a non-fixed target potentially swinging and moving around- no ringing, no rep!

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Thursday 4/1/2021

a. Preparation

EMOM x 15
8-12 calorie row
5-8 dips (or bar muscle-up into dips)
8-12 kettlebell swings, any style
5-8 wall walks
8-12 pogo burpees

The goal is move well through these to prep joints and movement patterns. We’re also testing basic “easy capacity” as we’re not looking to sprint or push them to their limits yet, but it should provide a nice challenge. Customize the movements and weight suggestions to have everyone feel level.

b. Metcon

for time:
60 double unders
60 DB deadlifts
60 double unders
60 DB box step-overs
60 double unders
60 burpees
60 double unders
60 calories

35:00 time limit. Rx would be 2×20/35/50+lbs DBs. How will you manage breaking down 60 reps multiple times? Post results to comments/whiteboard/your journal.

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