Wednesday 10/5

*NOTE*: This Saturday our building’s water will be shut off for maintenance meaning you should bring your own water and USE THE BATHROOM BEFORE ARRIVING!


WORKOUT for Wednesday 10/5/2022

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
10 double dumbbell burpee deadlifts
25m farmer’s carry
10 single dumbbell hang squat snatch
25m farmer’s carry

ENGINE for Wed 10/5

Task-Priority FGB

3 rounds for time:
20 wall ball, light
20 SDHP, light-medium
20 box jumps, medium
20 push press, light-medium
20 calorie row

Goal is unbroken sets, but take one break if absolutely necessary.


3 sets
8 tempo HSPU negatives
16 bumper Z-press
1:00 rest

4 sets
8 DB bench press
16 wide-grip pushups
:45 rest

5 sets
8+ weighted dips (use a DB or MB)
max bodyweight dips
rest as needed