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WORKOUT for Monday 3/28/2022

5k row for time, then

12-minute AMRAP of
12 DB snatches, 20/35/50lbs
24 OH walking lunges

Alternating not required. Post scores to whiteboard!



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What’s CGO 22.1 going to be? Any guesses?

WORKOUT for Wednesday 2/23/2022

5k row for time then

every :90 for 5 rounds do 3 Squat Cleans @30/50/70kg

every :90 for 5 rounds do 2 Squat Cleans @35/55/80kg

every :90 for 5 rounds do 1 Squat Clean @40/60/90kg

Post results to whiteboard!


This past weekend Gabrielle and Vicky both competed at the Trident Classic 2017 Weightlifting Meet at Trident Athletics down in Tacoma. It was their first competition, in the Open and Novice division respectively.

Gabrielle qualified for the American Open Series 2017 with her performance. Vicky took a podium spot in the Novice Divison. Wish them a congrats next time you see them!


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CrossFit WOD for Monday 2/13

5 round superset:
bench press 3×80%
tempo pullups 5×6
(2:00 rest)

tag teams 5k row for time. Switch every 250m.

Post 5k time to whiteboard.

Olympic Weightlifting WOD

Welcome to the 2nd cycle of the year!

lifts: back squats, snatch takeoff + slow pull + snatch, snatch push press
accessories: legs, hips, back

Kettlebell WOD