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Who misses this obscure HSPU standard?

WORKOUT for Wednesday 1/12/2021

“Kinda CGO 17.4”

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
55 deadlifts, 53/72/104kg
55 wall ball, 10/14/20lbs
55 calorie row

If a retest, do 13 minutes and proper weights. Compare to 2/27/2021, 3/17/2017, and 1/17/2017. Post score to whiteboard!

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Mobilizing after class

To ensure better recovery and to minimize that terrible feeling when trying to move when sore, you should really stretch and roll out after your workouts.

Knowing which body parts react better to specific treatments take time and practice, and it makes a world of difference when you hit those difficult WODs.

We’ve recently started sharing what we plan to do at the end of each workout. Refer back here to get on it yourself if it’s not done in class.

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 2/11/2020

AMRAP in 20:00
3/2 muscle-ups
6 single leg squats
12 burpees

Share scores to whiteboard. Post-workout will include Hips of Glory for 1:00/position/side to restore hip function after all the kipping, squatting, and sprawling.

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