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WORKOUT for Friday 7/15/2022

2 rounds for time:
15 clean & jerk, 29/43/61kg
30 burpees over bar

Post times to whiteboard!


WORKOUT for Wednesday 2/16/2022

CGO 12.1
7:00 max target burpees

Recover 10:00+

CGO 11.3+
7:00 max reps of
– squat clean, 30/45/70kg
– jerk, 30/45/70kg

Can cluster if you’d like. Must complete one clean before one jerk then repeat for as long as possible. Post time

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Amplitude (the maximum extent of a vibration or oscillation, measured from the position of equilibrium) in the kip can determine the power of the movement for a toes-to-bar, pullup, or muscle-up.

The position of equilibrium would be the upright. Notice how far the chest moves forward while maintaining a global arch? Shapes like the one above are what we should be shooting for in training. Simply arching the lower back and pulling the heels up as high as possible get the job done, but don’t last in the long run.

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Monday 5/3/2021


three tabata efforts (:20 of work, :10 of rest, repeated for 8 rounds) for three different exercises, resting no more than a minute between each effort.


every minute on the minute for 7 minutes: deadlift + clean + jerk.

One of the exercises need to be doubled up: can do 2 deadlifts + clean + jerk, or deadlift + 2 cleans + jerk, or deadlift + clean + 2 jerks. You should choose the version of the complex that allows you to sharpen your technique where it’s needed, or choose the lifts you have most fun with.


7 rounds for time:
35 (unbroken) double unders
7 back squats, 40/65/90kg

Coach will determine a time cap if necessary. Post times to whiteboard!

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CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 7/9

tabata goblet squat, 24/16kg

AMRAP in 10:00
20 double unders
2 power snatches, 70/45kg

Post scores to whiteboard!


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Bobby B during the Thruster Ladder at the 2017 RCF Games

WE ARE CLOSED TUESDAY EVENING! We are hosting the Freestyle Connection Seminar with Carl Paoli from 6:30pm to close. If you’d like to join you can register at the link!

This week we see KALSU, ARAGOM, more tempo deadlifts, tabata fun, lunge/bar muscle-ups, one of the even-numbered events from the 2017 CrossFit Team Series, the last of the Wodapalooza Online Qualifier events, the full version of LUKE, back squats and bench presses.


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CrossFit WOD for Monday 9/25


every minute on the minute do 5 burpees. in the remaining time do as many thrusters (61/43kg) as possible.

Score = time it takes to complete 100 thrusters.

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 3/7, Day 1/3

pause snatches, pause back squats, chest fly, 3-position (hollow, 1/2, whole) V-up, box jerk, good mornings

Kettlebell WOD

Primal mobility (extended)

Banded rotatory stability exercises

Getup and single arm swing focus

Simple and sinister