A Better Cleaning System

With the shortage of cleaning supplies- and seeing how quickly our own Clorox wipes are going- we decided on a better system.

Each class you take you’ll grab one of these white rags (some are stained as some of these were previously whiteboard “erasers”) that have been laundered multiples times, and carry it with you throughout class, wiping off all the surfaces and equipment you interact with.

There are a large number of these spray bottles scattered throughout the gym at the Sanitation Stations and then some. Use the spray bottle containing the Simple Green cleaner directly onto your towel, this way we don’t misplace our cleaners and the next athlete can access it.

When done with the rag throw it into the 5 gallon bucket next to the Trainer Cart. They’ll be laundered and we’ll have a new set of rags the next day.

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 3/11/2020

7 rounds for max loading 
  4-rep touch-and-go deadlift
  10+ dumbbell bench press

Share heaviest loads to whiteboard! Post-workout should involve lower back SMR on a foam roller, pec smash with a lax ball on the wall, hamstring stretching and overhead tricep smashing.

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As always, refer to the Centers For Disease and Prevention for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19.