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SESSION for Glace Wednesday 5/13/2020


a. Joint Prep – 8 mins
Particular attention to wrists, shoulder and hip caps

Wrist Mobility

Dynamic Wrist Mobility

(Elevated) Samson Stretch

Cossack Squats

Inside Squats


3 rounds of
– 12 speed skaters (total)
– 12 forward lunge steps (total)
– 12 sit ups
– 12 pushups (4 standard-grip 4 wide-grip, 4 narrow grip)


for quality

– accumulate 60 pike pushups (start and EMOM 3-5 shooter pushups)
– then accumulate 60 1-arm z-press @ 31X1 (start and EMOM 20 flutter kicks)
– then accumulate 60 v-ups (start and EMOM 20 plank run steps)
Each movement needs to be done to the highest quality possible.  The EMOMs add to raise heart rates, practice stabilization under duress, and give athletes a short break between sets. Shoot for about 10-15 reps each set to break down the 60s. Scale target numbers as needed.

NO EQUPMENT? NO PROBLEM! Use a backpack filled up with stuff.


2:00 Hip Bridge, focusing on glute activation and hips stretching
3:00 Pike Stretch, focusing on hip activation and posterior chain stretching

2nd Serving- Need More Work? (Strength-Bias)

150 perfect pushups. Absolutely no bending or breaking. Control down and come back to full elbow lockout.

120 face pulls with a light band
90 band bicep curls
60 band high pull
30 band bicep curls (more tension this time)

HSPU Strength Ladder: every minute on the minute x6 do 1-2-1 reps of handstand pushups, or your best progression

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