Monday 6/1

And off we go into a proper test/retest cycle! Today’s work is the benchmark off which we’ll measure our progress through the summer, so notes will be a lot deeper on the blog. Just remember that you’ll benefit greatly from getting face time with coaches on Zoom!

That said here’s a view of “Lane 3” aka the “Foundation Barbell” platform:

We have the gym set up in lanes in preparation of our eventual reopening! All the equipment is already in each lane/zone/pod.

WORKOUT for Monday 6/1

On a running clock do

tabata front squats (:20 work/:10 rest, x 4:00), rest until 5:00 on the clock then

max burpees in 7:00

Post total front squats and burpees completed to comments! Compare previous efforts here. Stay fit, stay home, stay healthy. F*ck racism.

Unlike the “traditional” CrossFit-style tabata protocol, today we are counting total front squats completed. When front squatting use an object that makes you grunt when tired- this could be a loaded backpack, a luggage, hell- even a piece of furniture works in a pinch. If you absolutely cannot find anything to use then you should attack this with bottom-to-bottom tabata squats.

Burpee: For a proper retest of your past efforts jumping and touching an object 6″ out of standing reach would be the proper end of each rep. If you don’t have access to keep your jump consistent then just ensure that you are airborne vertically at the end.

Kinda/Fully Equipped? Make those front squats about 43/29/20kg and max out that :20 every time.

Quiet Neighbor Option: Try step burpees! Step back into the plank position then do the most strict pushup you’ve got before stepping up into a standing position and getting up onto the balls of your feet with arms overhead. That’s one rep. It’s not a quick movement, but we get to challenge your strength a lot more.

2nd Serving: Need More Work?

3-5 rounds
21s front delt raise
21s bicep curls
2:00 rest

HSPU Strength Ladder: every minute on the minute x6 do 1-2-1 reps of your best handstand pushup progression

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WATCH: Miles with Miles Challenge. Coming to you next week!