Wednesday 8/19

CONDITIONING for Wednesday 8/19/2020


:30 on/:15 off x 4 plank holds
:30 on/:15 off x 4 arch

8:00 of alternating TGU for quality


E3MOM x 3
30 mountain climbers
30 weighted single-arm overhead reverse lunges, medium-heavy

E3MOM x 3
30 bicycle kicks
30 rocket launchers


3 mins Straddle Stretch
2 mins Right side Straddle Stretch
2 mins Left side Straddle Stretch

Pullup Strength Ladder: E2MOM x3 do 1-2-3-2-1 reps

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  1. Sandi Philippen
    Sandi Philippen says:

    omg. that just sucked. i used a wee 3lb DB for the TGUs & the OH rev lunges. it was plenty hard, & boy, was i sweaty afterward. thx for the programming. it was a nice diverse range of movements.

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