Wednesday 6/16

It’s Week 2 of the squat cycle! If you have a true 1RM then you should try the following percentages: 50/5, 70/3, 80/3, 90/3, 90/3+

WORKOUT for Wednesday 6/16/2021


Until told otherwise perform 5-8 reps each of:
3-part pausing muscle clean
Push press
Good morning
Bent Over Row
Burpee over bar

then the HSPU Strength Ladder: 2 rounds of 1-2-3-2-1

Nov – Strict Pushup, (Banded) Mountain-Butt Pushup, Pike Pushup
Int – Pike Pushup, One-leg Pike Pushup, HSPU Negative
Adv – HSPU Negative, 2/1 ab-mats HSPU (strict > kip), Parallette


BACK SQUAT E2MOM x 5. Last set is for 3 or more reps (keeping 1-2 reps in the tank)


For max total reps:
0:00-4:00 max double unders
4:00-7:00 max hang power snatch, 29/43kg
7:00-9:00 max toes-to-bar
9:00-10:00 max pogo burpees

Rest as directed by coach then repeat again. Post score to whiteboard!