Day 18: Bring Your Knee Sleeves (and a Jacket)

Before the green wall went up (and all those other buildings)

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 2/20/2020

400m walking lunge for time + some other stuff like tabata and jerks

Share time to whiteboard! Post workout is the Hips of Glory + Super Pigeon complex.

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  1. Miles Smith
    Miles Smith says:

    While I appreciate Vishen’s optimistic appeal to Nestle to get their sh*t together, I remain doubtful they’ll back down from their false marketing and craptastic food practices — in the realm of cold and ruthless corporations, Nestle makes ExxonMobil look like Ghandi.

    Wednesday, February 19th
    9 hours sleep

    9 AM – green protein smoothie, 2 whole grain eggos w/ PB and jam
    10 AM – green tea, protein chips
    1 PM – carrots, snap peas, hummus
    2 PM – 1.5 lbs QFC deli meal: chicken, broccoli, yams
    5:30 PM – CrossFit
    6:30 PM – protein bar
    8 PM – thai lettuce tacos, braised short rib, mashed taters and asparagus

    ~104 oz H20

  2. Andrew S
    Andrew S says:

    Workout – whey shake
    Breakfast – egg white omelette, toast, fig bar
    Lunch – chicken donburi, mushrooms
    Dinner – Cajun po boy (not healthy by any metric)
    Night – casein, cashews

  3. Sarah H
    Sarah H says:

    Thursday 2/20
    More detailed journal on MyFitnessPal. @sarahbr11
    (6am CrossFit)
    7am: oat protein shake
    12pm: 2 soft boiled eggs
    1pm: chicken thighs, veggies
    7pm: spaghetti with beyond beef

    This is one of my “good” days. If anything, I’m finding that my eating habits are erratic, which is keeping me from my long term goals.

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