Day 17: The Shoulder Shelf


CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 2/19/2020

10 rounds for time:
3 overhead squats, 74/50/35kg
6 bar muscle-ups
12 pogo burpees

Share time to whiteboard. Post workout is hard rolling the quads (NOT FOAM ROLLING), then overhead banded distraction for the lats and chest.

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  1. Samudra Banerjee
    Samudra Banerjee says:

    Tuesday (2/18):

    Sleep quality: Could be better

    Breakfast (7:15 am)
    2 slices of whole wheat bread with 1/2 tbsp peanut butter
    4 egg whites
    1 cup sprouted green lentils
    5-6 baby carrots
    1 cup milk

    Lunch (12:30 pm)
    1 cup brown rice
    1 cup lentil soup with spinach
    Fish (slightly smaller than fist size)
    1 cup Cooked vegetables
    1 cup cucumber and celery salad

    4:00 pm snack
    Tea with 2-3 small (1-inch diamater) chocolate chip cookies
    Strawberry, walnuts, grapes, 2 dates mix (1.5 cup)

    6:00 pm snack
    1 protein bar (15g protein)
    1 apple
    1 banana
    1 grip trail mix (pumpkin seeds, almonds, dried cranberries)

    2 whole-wheat tortillas (4 – 5 inch diameter)
    1 cup chickpeas
    1/2 cup curried cabbage

  2. Miles Smith
    Miles Smith says:

    Improved OH squat mobility: give it to me

    Tuesday, Feb 18
    10 hours high quality sleep (!!!)

    10 AM – power green protein smoothie, jam & ham bagel, 2 scoops cottage cheese

    11 AM – grannysmith apple

    12 PM – carrots, snap peas, hummus, 16 oz chai tea latte

    3 PM – spicy nut bar

    7 PM – protein shake, protein chips, banana milk

    9 PM – plus size Mexican burrito plate, chips and salsa, churros and cream

  3. Andrew S
    Andrew S says:

    Workout – Whey shake
    Breakfast – Vegan “chicken” and biscuits, lox
    Lunch – chicken donburi
    Dinner – Turkey, potato soup
    Night – casein, cashews

  4. Sarah H
    Sarah H says:

    Wednesday 2/19
    More detailed journal on MyFitnessPal. @sarahbr11
    Skipped breakfast because we had a big potluck planned for a coworkers retirement
    1pm: pizza, lasagne, dumplings, hummus, veggies, cake 995 kcal
    7pm: originally intended to have raw veggies, but my partner had already made spaghetti with beyond beef by the time I got home (this is a very rare occurrence. We usually just eat typical meal prep food of chicken/salmon and veggies)360 kcal

    Daily total: 1355 kcal

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