Day 7: Lauren, Millie


Lauren’s Nutrition
Right now, eat balanced meals and avoid processed foods. I’m not tracking macros right now because it was adding extra stress in a very stressful time. But I generally try to keep to the portions/numbers I used when I was tracking macros. I’m just eyeballing the portions now. Generally, eat real food.

I technically eat all the food, except brussel sprouts. I avoid chips, soda, candy bars, and other things from the middle sections of the grocery store, except for protein pasta.

I eat a small meal or snack every few hours- otherwise, I’ll be hangry. Small portions because I eat so often. No specific numbers other than trying to keep added sugar intake to 30g. Yogurt/granola/fruit at 10am. Apple/peanut butter at 1pm. Salad with chicken at 3pm. Protein nut bar at 6pm. Workout. Protein shake after workout around 8. Dinner of a protein and a carb at 9pm.

Lauren’s Favorites
There are too many! but Whole30 curry meatballs, paleo shepherds pie, and spaghetti squash are delicious. Anything with seafood is good.

Lauren’s Hydration and Sleep
I drink around 120 ounces of water per day. I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep, but I do better with 8!

Lauren’t Kryptonite
Baked goods. I love to bake! So it’s really hard. But I try to make small portions or bring the majority of the batch to work or the gym for others to enjoy. Baking really helps me deal with my stress, so it’s better for me to continue doing it than stopping it altogether- but I’m trying to make healthier recipes, or use healthier ingredient substitutes.

Lauren’s Last Thoughts
I know for a fact that most of my PRs happened when I was eating clean, and I know that I feel sick and exhausted when I workout after a recent sugar binge.

You don’t know Millie yet, but you will!

Millie’s Nutrition
Eat whole Foods (eliminate processed as much as possible) and be better about prep so I’m eating consistent amounts at each meal.

I have no allergies but I eat all green veggies, ground chicken/turkey/beef, eggs. I tend to eat canned tuna, I eat cheese but that’s about it for dairy. I eat mostly gluten-free.

I avoid all the fun processed food haha, I avoid pizza, bread, pasta, candy, chips, etc

A typical breakfast is egg + egg whites, zucchini, cabbage slaw mix, shredded almond cheese then some heavier carb like a sweet potato/oatmeal/waffle. Lunch is light: a bar, apple, tuna, celery, bell pepper, snap peas, other stuff but depends. Snacks. Then a big dinner after my workout which might look like ground meat of some kind, green veggies, sweet potato. I love this cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joe’s (a heavier carb) and I make some sort of dessert snack that varies. Lately it’s been granola, peaches, cottage cheese, cinnamon (I promise it’s delish).

I am following macros I’ve set for myself (experimental). Training days – 145p/225c/55f. Rest days – 145p/195c/55f.

Millie’s Kryptonite
I have a bad sweet tooth so the way I avoid is just don’t buy it. If I don’t eat it I crave it less and less. I also don’t but a lot of snacks foods because I end up having zero self control and over eat stuff like chips which never truly satisfies my hunger.Food is your energy and fuel source. The way you eat helps not only promote your overall physical AND mental health but also it makes you feel better during workouts if you eat nutritious Whole Foods. I know if I eat clean, I tend to have more energy and my body responds better to my workouts and strength training. If I eat the easy stuff or heavily processed foods I feel sluggish and I don’t get the results I’m looking for.

Millie’s Hydration and Sleep
I should be better about water but I try my best. I also do my lemon + cayenne water every morning first thing. Sleep I aim for over 8 but minimum 7.

Last one will be for tomorrow!

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 2/9/2020

5 rounds for time:
400m run
30 box jumps, 24/20/16″
15 snatches, 40/30/20kg

Share time to whiteboard! Post-workout should include calf stretching and rolling out your arches with a PVC pipe.

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  1. Kelsi
    Kelsi says:

    Rest day.

    9:30 brunch: French toast, eggs, sausage patty, coffee

    2pm late-lunchy snack: builder bar, dates, granola

    4-5pm: meatless meatloaf

    7pm: builder bar, dates. This was a lazy choice. Gotta freeze some bananas so I can make a smoothie in moments like this.

  2. Sarah H
    Sarah H says:

    Sunday 2/9: another weird food day courtesy of Friday’s food poisoning
    More detailed journal on MyFitnessPal. @sarahbr11
    (10am mobility)
    9am: Hershey’s chocolate 210 kcal
    2pm: chicken thigh, mixed veggies, and lentils (first real meal in days!) 387 kcal
    7:30pm: chips and chocolate (yeah… wtf) 626 kcal

    Daily total: 1223 kcal

  3. Miles S
    Miles S says:

    More coaches, yippee! Glad to have Millie joining us. Thanks for sharing, ladies!

    Saturday, Feb 8

    2 AM – 8 AM: sleep 6 hours

    9 AM – everything bagel, cream cheese, turkey, green tea
    2 PM – peanut butter meal bar
    6 PM – phad thai
    11 PM – cauli rice, spiced broccoli and cauliflower, chicken thighs

  4. David
    David says:

    Day 6
    8am – 4 eggs, pancakes, baby food, banana, Apple
    1pm – Preworkout, baby food
    Training – ab intervals
    630pm – 10oz sockeye salmon with belly, 2 grips basmati rice, 2 grips spinach. Tried some leftover food from presse, disgusting and inedible. The locale has a special place in my heart, first day with the wife and all. But man , it is tough out there, finding quality cooks for Friday night is just not happening almost to the point of impossibility. And the food all over seattle is being killed by mediocrity.

  5. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    My Friday 2/7

    Wake: 6:30am (7.25 hours of sleep), 12oz water

    6:45am 2 waffles with Kerrygold butter and maple syrup, 4 eggs scrambled, multivitamin, 6oz coffee

    10am 17oz water, some Annie’s white shells and cheddar

    1:30pm Epic bar, Top Pot maple bar, 12oz water

    7:30pm pork schnitzel at Rhein Haus, two ginger brews, 32oz water

    Sleep: 12am

    Hydration total: 73oz water
    Summary: I tried to keep eating to a minimum the day before competition. Could’ve made better choices for the times I did eat, but life.

  6. Coach Sarah
    Coach Sarah says:

    Sunday 2/9
    Coffee w/cream
    B: everything bagel w/cream cheese, tangerine
    L: salad w/steak, peppers, salami, provolone & chips (@ Mammoth)
    americano with cream, 1/2 PB cookie
    leftover chips
    D: pork, apples, fennel over quinoa; big salad w/avocado
    handful of sour straws

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