Thursday 6/3

The kettlebell Figure 8 + Uppercut is a great coordination, midline stability, and strength skill if heavy enough. It’s the next step after getting reps in with the Around the World + Uppercut exercise.

Start by feeding the bell through the legs (inside to outside) and when the legs come together violently pop the hip open to get the bell to change directions then lead into an uppercut, where the bicep engages while keeping the shoulders down. Catch the bell with the free hand and pause. Initiate the next rep by pushing the bell away to cycle down through the other leg opening.

CONDITIONING for Thursday 6/3/2021

4 rounds of
:20 Right side bends
:20 Left side bends
:20 Low woodchops


:30 of kettlebell swings, :30 rest/stretching for 7:00 then

As many reps as possible in 10:00
6 goblet squats
6 high pulls
6 goblet lunges
6 crush-grip bent over rows

Post results to whiteboard!

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