Accessory work usually accompanies the “big lifts” in strength progressions. These help develop parts of the body to improve the lift, or to shore up the weak links in the chain. Traditional bodybuilding was born from the strength sports of yesterday and have become more appealing to the masses since it’s all visually pleasing.


WORKOUT for Friday 9/3/2021

snatch to a heavy single in 15 minutes
*55-65-75-85-95 (3)

3 rounds
8-12 Sumo deadlift
8-12 GHR/Nordic curls

3 rounds
10-15 seated good mornings
10-15 push press

3 rounds
30 tibialis raises
30 FHL calf raises

Post heaviest snatch to whiteboard!

When it comes to single-arm lockouts would you should be able to see a vertical arm from any angle.

CONDITIONING for Thursday 5/13/2021


3 rounds for max total reps:
1:00​ thrusters
1:00 ​pogo hops
1;00 step-ups
1:00​ t-pushups
1:00​ devil’s press
1:00​ rest

Post score to whiteboard!

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Hey Foundation Fam,

This Tuesday 5/4 marks the start of the second official season of a road cycling group we piloted last year. Foundation Cycling embodies many of the things you love about FOUNDATION Gym.

The group is made up of a diverse & inclusive body of individuals from all levels of experience & includes both Foundation & non-Foundation members. It’s free to join & doesn’t affect your Foundation class counts!

Similar to your Foundation classes the ride season is thoughtfully programmed to advance your cycling health & overall athleticism. It runs every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from May 4th to August 21st with increasing goals & objectives (think of it as a 3-month Endurance cycle). Our Tuesday/Thursday rides are shorter & flatter, our Saturday rides are longer typically with a break for lunch. Just like Foundation classes though, regardless of programming we meet you where you are in your stage of fitness.

On that note, just like modified versions of “Rx” in class if your endurance isn’t quite ready for high mileage come out anyway. Speak to the group & you’ll get modified mileage suggestions. The routes are always pre-planned & mapped. Make it your own & join at the start, halfway through, or at the end- we’re just happy to see you!

This isn’t a pay to play group so don’t worry if you have the latest & greatest bike. There will also be people with single speeds & thicker tires. You’ll find camaraderie with someone that’s in your same lane & that’s what it’s all about!

How to get involved:

Contact coach Ron on Instagram: @rhook3386
Join our Strava club: Foundation Cyclers
Just Show up: Starting 5/4 & every Tuesday & Thursday after we meet at the gym at 6pm. (1415 12th Ave).

We’d love to have you!


Ron and Caitie

You wouldn’t be able to tell they have a ton of weight in one hand looking at their postures.

We introduce single-sided implements to challenge grip and midline stability, two things we work on in our CORE classes in-gym and online Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30pm.

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Tuesday 3/9/2021

a. Pre-Workout

Early: row

Distribute bands
1:00 band high pulls (SDHP)
1:00 band dislocates (or dislocates in squat)
1:00 band pull aparts, palms up
1:00 band bicep curls
1:00 band pushups

Pullups 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 reps once! NO FAILED REPS PLEASE! Just rest and recharge until you KNOW you’re going to make the rep, as strict as possible.

One round of A QUICK Burgener Warmup to prepare for the hang power clean.

b. Workout

Kinda #18point2

within 15:00 complete
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps of
double dumbbell squats, 2×20/35/50lbs
bar-facing burpees

In the remaining time establish a 1RM squat clean.

Post results to comments!

c. Post-Workout

2:00 sink stretch then 2:00 straddle stretch

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