Nathan and Guillaume doing some movement & mobility prior to their first Weightlifting meet earlier this year

Since we’re at the beginning of a Nutrition Challenge we’re going to hit a bunch of things we can “benchmark” and retest at the end of the cycle. This way we can measure your performance progress.

Expect pistols/clean & jerks, big chipper, Linchpin Test 1 (run/thruster/pullup), dumbbell snatch/box jump/burpees, RYAN, 2:00 Assault Bike test, FIGHT GONE BETTER, and double unders/snatches. Not to mention it’s Week 5 of the Olympic Weightlifting cycle- would anyone be up for an in-house Weightlifting Meet? Also the beginning of the new Powerlifting cycle.

You can still register for the Nutrition Challenge! Deadline is end of day, Friday the 13th


+ The Ultimate Guide to MCT Oil – Onnit

CrossFit WOD for Monday 10/9

3 rounds for time:
30 pistols
10 ground-to-overhead

Rx = 61/43kg, Performance Rx = 84/61kg.

Post time to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 5/7, Day 1/3

snatch complex, back squats, pullups, v-ups, broad jumps, reverse hypers

Powerlifting WOD – Week 1/5, Day 1/4

squat max, deadlift max, GHR, hip extension, banded mid-back extension, good morning, weighted situp

Kettlebell WOD

Primal Mobility

Shoulder packing and stability exercises

Detailed Clean Focus. We will be working on varying weights to own the movement.

Squat and rows to finish

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Read about our 2017 Nutrition Challenge and register here.

Here we go y’all! Let’s get ready to clean it up, feel and perform better!

Isernio’s breakfast sausage, zuch/pepper/onion frittata

To start off, prepping your food for the week on Sundays is great however, something that we’ve learned over the years is that you don’t need to prep for the whole week ALL on Sunday. You end up spending literally all day prepping: create your list, go grocery shopping, cutting, cooking, washing dishes, cooking more, waiting for dishes to complete before starting new ones. If you’re new to this, time management will be something you’ll play around with the first couple of weeks. So, to shorten up your Sunday food prep time, just prep it for the first three days. This allows you to 1) not spend your whole Sunday in the kitchen 2) not eat the same dish for 5 days straight (though some people would do just fine doing that) 3) have a plan for your next prep/cooking day. You can prepare for Wednesday or Thursday to be another cooking prep/day so you don’t feel like you’re in the kitchen for SO long. Boom!

We’re going to share our shopping lists with you every weekend so you can a.) bite and just do the same, or b.) see the general flow of things. We’ll keep you updated with all the things we complete and the things we don’t end up using too.

Things we ALWAYS have in stock our kitchen

stock (chicken, beef, vegetable, your choice)
Kerrygold butter (salted, unsalted if Sheena decides she’s making bulletproof coffee)
coconut oil
olive oil
sesame oil
chili powder
garlic powder
finishing salt (this 3lbs bucket is all you’ll ever need)
Himalayan Pink salt (specifically for this recipe which we make at least once every three weeks)
Red Ape cinnamon (AB’s favorite brand)
Tabasco or Cholula
Red Boat fish sauce (AB’s favorite brand)
Coconut Secrets coconut aminos (AB’s favorite brand Whole30-approved soy sauce substitute, and here’s another brand we will try when we need to reup)
apple cider vinegar

Things that’ll be eaten THIS week. This will seem like a lot, but we’re using the excitement of the challenge to get in the kitchen more, knowing it’ll calm down later into the challenge. Also doing a lot of prep for the next week.

Sheena & Andrew’s shopping list:
2 lbs sweet potatoes
2 lbs purple yam (really any other color tuber. You can look in the International district for Hawaiian Purple Yam or “Khoai Lang Tim”) OR a spaghetti squash OR butternut squat OR 2-3 eggplants
1 lbs broccoli OR green beans (fresh or frozen)
large container mixed salad greens
a medium contain/bag of spinach OR kale OR chard
3-6 bell peppers (various colors)
4-6 cucumbers
5-7 bulk celery stalks
bag of carrots
clamshell of cherry tomatoes OR small heirloom tomatos
2 onions (or 2 bags of frozen chopped onions)
2-3 apples (Swet Tango is my newest addiction)
Dorot crushed garlic (thank me later!)
white rice (Jasmine or Calrose)
cage-free eggs

approximately 3-5 lbs of various cuts of meat (4-6oz/meal for 3 meals/day for 2.5 people)
beef: ground, steaks
chicken: thigh, breasts
pork: Isernio sausages OR thick-cut bacon, loin
ground beef/bison/turkey/etc. (always keep 2 lbs in the fridge in case of emergency)

Other things we grab

Smith Bros (or Grace Harbor) whole milk OR almond milk (if paleo/Whole30)
Brew Dr. Superberry (or Happiness) Kombucha
Ellenos yogurt (plain or Latte or Chai or Pumpkin Pie)

We’re allocating three occasions to eat out as a family, otherwise leftovers for breakfast/lunch.

The real secret: cook a protein in a fat, serve with fresh or lightly cooked veggies and you’re set.

Recipes we’re using this week

Eggs & coffee. Start your day right! This is the true breakfast of champs. I prefer to make them with Kerrygold butter Gordon Ramsey-style (almost) and it ends up eaten with some quickly-sauteed spinach. Maybe half an avocado if there’s one nearby.

BCS: Named after one of our former coaches/athletes, she came up with this simple dish: Bell peppers + Cherry Tomatoes + Sausage cooked in olive oil. Easy. Also cool because those letters were also her initials.

We’re pairing this with a more-dense salad: Cucumber + Tomatos + Fresh Basil. Cut them up into small chunks, drizzle olive oil, add salt & pepper to taste, and BAM. Easy peasy. Plus if you make a bunch it can keep fresh for a couple of days. Prep = done.

Steak, potatoes, and green beans. Simple. Make extra veggies for lunch.

Chicken soup (stock, miripoix, spices, chicken) + rice. Go heavy on the miripoix- buy the ingredients in bulk and cut them into big pieces. I go a little overboard because it cooks down. Because I’m just watching my macros I’ll also make sure to workout a little harder today so I can have rice with my soup. Might add another green to it. I can make “breakfast soup” by storing some in a mason jar for the next morning or two.

Teddy’s Chicken + salad greens. Check out this video from a couple of years ago. Megan and Margot hosted us at their building so Teddy could show us basic knife skills. Then he made this delicious chicken recipe. We simply put it on a bed of salad greens (with a simple emulsion of freshly-squeezed lemon juice into olive oil) and tada! Protein, carbs, and a fat.

Porkchops + garlic mashed cauliflower OR potato. By week’s end we’re tired or busy or both. Another easy one to make that can yield plenty of left overs which means LUNCH.

Bam. Hope you enjoy your first week!

Alright. HERE WE GO!


Tina L, head HellaFit coach

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 10/7

in teams of 3, AMRAP in 30 minutes:
15 bench presses, 61/43kg
max calorie row

Post score (max bench) to whiteboard.

CompEx WOD for Saturday 10/7

in teams of 3, 12 rft:
20 mb cleans, 30/20#
10 press, 43/29kg
3 (legless) rope climbs

5 rft:
50 double unders
5 power snatch, 61/43kg

for time:
50 t2b
40 strict ring dips
30 strict pullups

banded box squat 10×2

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 10/8

30 rft:
2 kettlebell cleans
1 kettlebell press
4 kettlebell overhead lunges

Rx = 32/24kg. Alternate sides per round. Post time to whiteboard.

HellaFit WOD for Sunday 10/8

Our take on bootcamp workouts, this class challenges you for the entire hour with a blend of strength and conditioning that works all the major muscle groups and focuses on functional movement. HellaFit will get you #hellasweaty while having #hellafun!

Jeffrey H going overhead at the 2017 Battle at the Ballpark

Synchronized movements in team workouts like today require good communication and visual cues to progress through the workout. That and having a parter of the same fitness/skill level as yourself!


+ Stop Calling Women Nags- We’re Just Fed Up – Bazaar

CrossFit WOD for Friday 10/6

CFTS 17.1

in pairs, 9-15-21 reps for time of:
Synchronized thrusters
Synchronized bar-facing burpees

Rx = 43/29kg, Scaled = 35/25kg. No time cap.

Post time to whiteboard / comments!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 4/7, Day 3/3

snatch complex, clean & jerk complex

Gymnastics Strength WOD

-movement games..point/push, point/press, limbo!

-Handstand Kick Up and Negatives
work on building fluidity in the movement and controlling the negative. Use paralettes to challenge kick up strength and control strength in the negatives. Negatives should NOT turn into HSPU

-lax ball on hamstring
-resistance stretching on rig

– shoulders
– forearms
– full bridge

-1 strict
-2 kipping
-3 negatives

Kettlebell WOD

Abridged Primal Movement Warmup and Mobility

Rack and OH work

Shoulder and hip mobility

Swings, presses and squats.

As the weekend is approaching we’re getting ready to kick off our 5-week challenge!

If you plan on participating please fill out our registration form by clicking HERE or filling it out below. We have our challenge launch on Saturday, October 7th at 11am.

Reminder: there will be NO CrossFit class during that time. Normal 9am and 10am CrossFit classes are available and/or attend our free community class at noon.

Coach Sarah carefully watching an early class last week

Today is Sarah’s birthday so she wanted the workout you guys are doing today! Move fast, keep up the intensity, and you too can become a MUSCLE-CAR!


+ Foundation Barbell – Powerlifting Cycle #2 – FCF
+ CrossFit Games Athletes React to Ricky Garard Taking PEDs – Morning Chalk Up

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 10/5


31 rounds for time:
2 (strict) pullups
4 burpees
6 alternating reverse lunges

Once the 31 round are completed do max effort air squats until the last person finishes or time cap. Time cap is 31 minutes.

Post time and air squat score to whiteboard

HellaFit WOD

Our take on bootcamp workouts, this class challenges you for the entire hour with a blend of strength and conditioning that works all the major muscle groups and focuses on functional movement. HellaFit will get you #hellasweaty while having #hellafun!

Missed Part 1? What about Part 2? and Part 3?

Read about our 2017 Nutrition Challenge and register here.

Here are important resources I use myself for controlling my nutrition:

Google. Because of course.

Uwajimaya. The International District. Seattle area QFCs. Trader Joes. Seattle Farmers Markets. Rain Shadow Meats. These are the groceries we regularly purchase and gather our food from.


It Starts With Food by Melissa Hartwig

A life changer. Seriously, this can change your life if you let it. A great primer on the basics of nutrition, as well as a way to see how we’ve developed our emotional relationship with food. Definitely provides a better understanding of the whys behind the creation behind the Whole30 too.

Coleena and Lillian. “Gym mamas” who helped us develop a lot of recipes during past challenges, with tips/tricks/recipes that we use today!



Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans by Michelle Nam

This book helped us change the way we looked at Paleo cooking. Michelle made it fun and fresh. Many recipes reminded us of many asian dishes we thought we’d never have. A nice emphasis on umami too!

Paleo Nick’s videos on CrossFit HQ’s YouTube Channel. Spoiler alert: going to make the following multiple times during this challenge!

Up until Nick popped up a lot of performance cooking video and picture looked super bland (Sorry MDA of yesteryear). His videos made me a bit more confident in my growing cooking skills.

NW Fit Meals. “Northwest Fit Meals is a Seattle-based Paleo/clean meal delivery service geared towards fueling Paleo athletes and non athletes living the Paleo lifestyle.  We believe in clean eating to bring balance, performance, and energy to your days and workouts as well as improving your quality of life. Athletes fueled by Northwest Fit Meals, no longer have to meal prep on their days off: They can save time from taking trips to multiple stores, don’t have to prep/cook/clean, aren’t tempted to cheat on their diet, and get their Sunday’s back!  We bring you only the freshest ingredients and we utilize sustainable, locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible.”

Gena and Jesse are really good people and their cooking, to me, is amazing. Their turkey chili is to die for. Gena figured out how to make a performance paleo Korean BBQ plate. NW Fit Meals pops up at local events as caterers, but getting their meal service is so exciting. If you’re interested contact them, say you’re FOUNDATION, and that Andrew sent you. They deliver directly to the gym. Then you can run to the office and ask if there’s a stack of reusable containers full of delicious meals with your name on it. EXCITING!

Post-CrossFit competition. These were all mine.

This video because this is the only technique I use when I make myself scrambled eggs:

Whole30 Cookbook by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig

The companion cookbook to the Whole30. Wish I had this way back when, but it’s cool to see the evolution of the program.

The Food Lab by Kenji Lopez-Alt

Even though it’s lower on this list (only because it’s not a diet-based book), it’s one of my top 3 cookbooks. Kenji is humorous but the big thing is discussing and disecting the science behind cooking techniques and how that affects outcome like appearance, flavor, and texture. I must’ve gifted this book at least 10 times the year it came out. Fantastic.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan

A insightful look into how corn fcked us up, why we eat the way we eat, how culture dictates cuisine, and why we have so many options for food and “food” now. This isn’t a cookbook, but a nonfiction book on the topic of eating. You can also check out one of his other books In Defense of Food: An Eaters Manifesto, were we pulled the “Eat Real Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” from!

The Frugal Paleo Cookbook by Ciarra Hannah

I had the opportunity to listen to the author speak at an event and it was interesting how her approach to feeding her family eventually just led to writing this book. Great philosophy and proof that eating clean doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg as long as you’re creative and have some sort of plan in your head when you cook.

ChefStep’s YouTube channel

For other fun cooking tips and tricks. They’re Seattle-based! Pike place.

Ready or Not! by Michelle Nam

The latest by Michelle, and something I picked up just last week, this book is made specifically for those who live busy lives and want to respect their bodies through nutrition. Short on time? Great- look at the RED section of the book. Kinda have time? Look at the YELLOW section. Want to make some fancy meals and have set a side of ton of time for prep? Try the GREEN section of the book. I’ve only thumbed through it so far, but it looks very promising. There’s “150+ make-ahead, make-over, and make-now recipes”!

Next Thursday I’ll have my 2017 HOW TO EAT OUT WHEN TRYING TO EAT CLEAN guide.

(Note: these Amazon links are affiliate links- they don’t add to the price of the product, but I do receive some kickback if you purchase through the links.)

Missed Part 1 and Part 2?

Read about our 2017 Nutrition Challenge and register here.

“Eat meat & veggies, seeds & nuts, some fruit, little starch.” will continue to be one of the philosophies we follow in nutrition.

There are multiple reasons we focus first on quality.

Hormonal Balance

First off, we have to think of nutrition as a way to control our blood chemistry and hormonal balance? If this is out of whack we get moody or sleepy, experience head and body aches, promote or control inflammation, and more. Quality allows us to get the right things human bodies need. Quantity can unfortunately skip some important steps we require for good health. You might be able to perform well on quantity alone, but it’s not sustainable for a long period of time. (I’m look at you IIFYM people!)

As an example if we take a regular-sized Snickers bar, no doubt thinking about one of their commercials, and put their claim of “Snickers satisfies” to the test we’ll find that one 52.7g bar yields us

33g carbohydrate
4g protein
12g fat

For a real food equivalent of this, it would take

less than a full bite of a lean chicken breast
a large banana
approximately 7 to 8 raw almonds

Since we should all know that all carbohydrates are not created equal:

click to embiggen!

and all proteins are not created equal:

click to embiggen!

and all fats are not created equal:

click to embiggen!

The Snickers bar is definitely more practical since it’s wrapped up, easily available/portable, and obviously tasty as hell, but your blood sugar levels will be much, much higher than the chicken/banana/almonds “meal”. The hormonal response: your fat-burning systems will put on hold because blood sugars rose too high too quick and the pancreas created a large surge of insulin.

The sad lack of protein in the Snickers bar sets up no amino acids to start your regular bodily functions, and in turn the body will start pulling from it’s amino acid stores.

Why is that an issue? YOUR BODY WILL BREAK DOWN YOUR HARD-EARNED MUSCLE TISSUES. This is why there are so many soft bodies that don’t improve beyond a certain point. This is also one of the main causes behind the “Hard Gainer” archetype.

TL:DR: not all macros are the same, quality-wise. By only focusing on numbers (rather than well-sourced foods) you may inadvertently be putting in chemicals and preservatives into your body that sabotage your goals.

Energy Levels = Your Mood, Fatigue, and Soreness

Piggybacking on the last part, good hormonal balance = good energy levels. You know what it’s like to show up to a Saturday morning workout after a non-eventful Friday. Sometimes you come in early, ready to bang one out so that you feel accomplished and ready to go for the rest of the day. Now contrast that with a Saturday morning workout where you went out the night before and partied, had one too many drinks, and stayed up later than you normally do. How do you feel and perform then?

We set ourselves up for success or we don’t. That example is on a small level, but it also happens over the course of a couple of weeks. Months. Years. Look at the nutrition plan of some CrossFit Games athletes. Their social media posts will show how disciplined they are with how they fuel their bodies.

If you’ve never heard us talk about MFS when it comes to journaling, I pulled it from Rudy of The Outlaw Way. From the FAQ:

What does MFS mean?

This is a scale that we use to judge our athletes excercisers level of overtraining…

M = Mood – F = Fatigue – S = Soreness

The idea is these are the 3 things that are closely related to how you are handling the volume on a daily basis. The rating system goes from 1 being the best you’ve ever felt to 10 being on your death bed. If your post looked like this:

1-1-1: Would be ideal.
10-10-10: Would be REALLY bad.
6-6-6: Would be fucking awesome. OZZY!

Defining each quality further

Mood = your psychological state, consisting of your emotions and feelings. It’s either on a positive or negative side. Bringing anything negative to the gym generally leaves you in bad spots: missing lifts, getting sloppy on technique- potentially leading to injury, not to mention the fact that the time you spend in the gym should be FOR YOU AND FOR YOU ALONE. This is your personal time to develop yourself and while leaving your negative emotions is hard to do, it’s necessary to have successful gym days. If you cannot leave it at the door, just know you can’t expect too much of yourself. Be honest with yourself and use wherever you’re at the best way you can.

Fatigue = “a subjective feeling of tiredness which is distinct from weakness, and has a gradual onset. Unlike weakness, fatigue can be alleviated by periods of rest. Fatigue can have physical or mental causes. Physical fatigue is the transient inability of a muscle to maintain optimal physical performance, and is made more severe by intense physical exercise. Mental fatigue is a transient decrease in maximal cognitive performance resulting from prolonged periods of cognitive activity.” But it’s not only that- we can be more specific and call it Muscle Fatigue: “the decline in ability of a muscle to generate force. It can be a result of vigorous exercise … There are two main causes of muscle fatigue: the limitations of a nerve’s ability to generate a sustained signal (neural fatigue) and the reduced ability of the muscle fiber to contract (metabolic fatigue).” I’m sure you’ve felt all versions of this through heavy weightlifting, intense metcons, and long, repeated efforts. Be mindful of what exercises or exercise combinations really kick your ass so you can better prepare next time.

Soreness: specifically DOMS, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, which are “the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise.” This is the life of a fitness enthusiast. You will live sore, but for all the right reasons. Now, there’s a certain level we’d like you to feel, but it requires practice, time, and experience to realize what makes you sore and long it usually lasts. It’s not a bad thing. We just have to make sure you know how to take care of it. Endurance efforts are great ways to keep working on your fitness while getting some nutrient-rich blood back in the areas that need it the most.

Recording your workout results and variables are important. These particular variables (MFS) can help inform you of why your performance went the way it did, and allow you to better game plan what happens next.

Nutrient Timing

For a lot of people just focusing on quantity of food (counting calories, macros, blocks, etc), they miss the boat on nutrient timing by not spreading the effects of hormonal synthesis. I’ve heard conversations from people of the IIFYM ilk say things like “I guess I’ll put down 50g of protein with my dinner since I missed my last planned protein window an hour ago”.

Remember that hormonal balance and energy levels are dictated by what and how much food you’re eating. Trying to catch up and combine meals doesn’t work for many performance-end goals.


Read more:

+ Insulin Regulation of Blood Glucose – EndocrineWeb
+ IIFYM: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – T-Nation
+ Is Nutrient Timing Dead? – Precision Nutrition

*Updated 10/8
*Updated 10/17

As some of you know we were running a 6am-only Powerlifting session on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This was the only one we ran for the entire year but saw some tremendous strength increases. Some squats went up 10kg. Some almost 20kg. On average the strict press went up just shy of 10kg. All pulls went up (deadlifts, strict pullups, kipping pullups) as well. We used Rippetoe’s Starting Strength-style programming since most athletes were experienced CrossFitters, but new to lifting-only.

Many of them transitioned back into CrossFit. One athlete, who had been CrossFitting regularly for years, provided feedback:

“I loved the programing. I liked how receptive it was. The repetition each week let me think about my lifts the night before and get in the right mindset for the coming days lifts. It had been a long time since I went to the gym with so much vigor and excitement. I think that was partly due to the fact that during the cycle I could feel myself get stronger. That feeling filled me with confidence as max week approached and I KNEW that I would PR. The cycle also opened my mind regarding how strength fits into CrossFit. For the longest time I felt that my biggest limitation during most WODs was cardio and for the most part I did not give the strength aspect a second thought. In the last few weeks I have seen my biggest gains in WOD’s since I was beginner.

I now have lot more confidence to go for the Rx weight in [CrossFit] WODs. I no longer need to get on my tip toes at the end of press when performing wall balls. I can link more pull-ups together. I’m able to keep up, on a occasion, with athletes that I have never been able to keep up with.”

I think we’re also ready for Round 2.

Gus, Grayson, and myself recently attended the CrossFit Conjugate Methods course w/ Shane Sweatt of Conjugate CrossFit and Jesse Bifano of CrossFit Squamish. I spent a year training up at Lynnwood CrossFit following Conjugate methods years ago and it brought my squats, presses, and deadlifts up.

The Conjugate Method is just like the CrossFit method (constantly-varied high-intensity movements) with a bias towards strength and improving the contested Power lifts: back squat, bench press, and deadlift. Our split will look like

Monday at 6am or 10am – Max Effort Upper. Example lifts: strict press, bench press, floor press, jerk, Anderson press, football bar bench, board press

Wednesday at 6am or 10am – Max Effort Lower. Example lifts: box squat, conventional deadlift, sumo deadlift, front squat, block pull, overhead squats, deficit deadlift, etc.

Friday at 6am or 10am – Dynamic Effort Upper. Example lifts: strict press, bench press, floor press, jerk, Anderson press with bands, reverse bands, chains, banded kettlebells

Saturday at 9am – Dynamic Effort Lower. Example lifts: banded box squats, banded deadlifts, banded front squats, all the lifts with chains, all the lifts with chains and bands

What does max effort and dynamic effort mean?

MAX EFFORT: low-volume, high-intensity, 1RMs, 3 attempts at/above 90%, 2-4 minute rests, with no misses, constantly-varied lifts

DYNAMIC EFFORT: sub-maximal weights at maximal speed, 50-60% of 1RM, bar speed = .8-1m/second, :30 rests, 25% accommodating resistance (such as bands, chains, etc.)

Monday through Friday you have an opportunity to workout at 6am (alongside the Olympic Weightlifting class) or 10am. Saturday at 9am will conclude the programming week. For those who regularly attend Saturday’s 8am CompEx classes, the second hour will become strength hour where you and the Powerlifting crew combine for some Max Effort Lower lifts. For the CompEx athletes there is no need to rsvp for the 9am Powerlifting class. Those who “drop-in” at 9am will be denied entry to the workout and redirected to the CrossFit classes.

If you plan to participate it is important that you attend all four days a week if you want to get strongerSimply put the program isn’t potent if the dosage isn’t there. That said you may use this to supplement your other fitness endeavors by attending twice a week: do one max effort and one dynamic effort per week.

The entrance to the program will happen in waves- next week will be the first, then about 5 week out we’ll have another.

You’ll be revisiting movements you haven’t done in a while, as well as some you’ve never tried before. It’s going to be fun.


Questions? Send them here.

Further reading:

+ Conjugate Method – Westside Barbell

+ Conjugate Periodization: The Westside Model – Catalyst Gym

+ The Westside Conjugate Method – CrossFit Journal

Chris V demonstrates an awesome air squat

A couple of events coming up:

1. Our FALL NUTRITION CHALLENGE! It’s here for accountability and education-sake. No entry fee, just a willingness to improve yourself even further. Starts next Monday.

2. This Saturday at 11am we will be our Nutrition Challenge Launch! (No 11am CrossFit class.) We will have a short presentation before we open it up for questions and discussion. Open to everyone- members, friends, and anyone interested in cleaning up their diets.

3. This Saturday we also have another COMMUNITY CROSSFIT CLASS at NOON. Open to members and non-members alike. We’ll go through a simple, decently-long workout! Tell your friends!

4. Powerlifting Class comes back next Monday! 6am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and 9am on Saturday- yes, it’ll be four days a week this time around. We’re going Conjugate! The details of the program will be up sometime tomorrow afternoon.

5. FCF hosts OUTwod Seattle on October 22nd in support of Lambert House. Come out to sweat and support! (More details in the link.)

It’s going to be a busy October!


+ “Eat Real Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” – The 2017 FCF Fall Nutrition Challenge

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 10/4


for time:
100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats

Performance does

for time:
100 chest-to-bar pullups
100 hand-release pushups
100 pistols

Post times to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 4/7, Day 2/3

clean complex, pause front squats, accessories

Kettlebell WOD

Primal Mobility

Shoulder packing and stability exercises

Quickly cover cleans

Detailed Snatch Focus. We will be working on varying weights to own the movement.

Squat and rows to finish