Power receiving positions mean “above parallel” when looking at the relationship between the hip crease and the knee cap.

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 1/22/2020

for time:
15 snatch, 60/35kg
25 hang cleans, 70/45kg
35 front squats, 80/55kg
45 deadlifts, 90/65kg

Use one barbell. Share time to whiteboard. Post-workout should involve 3:00 or so of Jefferson Curls (SEE BELOW), moving as slowly as needed to feel all parts of the back.

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CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 1/21/2020

bench press: bar/10, 40/5, 50/5, 60/5, 70/5, 70/5, 70/5+

5 rounds, each for time:
500m row
24 toes-to-bar
12 (6/6) dumbbell hang clean & jerk, 50/35lbs

Rest exactly 2:00 between rounds. Post slowest & fastest rounds to whiteboard. Post-workout should be 20 scorpions on the belly, then another 20 on the back so that we can wring out that spine.

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We have a simple Nutrition Challenge coming in February- are you in?

Here’s a simple homework assignment: record what you eat, when you eat, and about how much you eat for a full seven-day stretch.

Bonus points for including wake time, hydration quantity, and sleep time.

in the meantime make sure you read the links and watch the videos we’ve been posting- they’re here to prepare you as well!

CrossFit WOD for MLK Monday 1/20/2020

back squat 5x5x70-75% then

30 ring muscle-ups for time -OR-
50 bar muscle-ups for time -OR-
100 pullups for time

Post time to whiteboard. Post-workout should be t-spine and side roll to undo that stickiness cause by today’s pulling.

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Has your false-grip strength improved?

We’re almost done with our 8-week pull-up ladder and our strict muscle-up progressions. We’ll be moving into handstand practice.

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 1/19/2020

AMRAP in 15:00
45 calorie row
35 wall ball, 20/14/8lbs to 10/9/9’
25 toes-to-bar
15 burpee muscle-ups

Then find a 1RM snatch in 5:00

Score = total reps x kilograms snatched. Post score to whiteboard! Compare to September 10, 2019.

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CrossFit WOD for Saturday 1/18/2020

for time:
200m farmer’s carry
60 anchored situps
200m farmer’s carry
50 db step-ups/side
200m farmer’s carry
40 db hang snatch/side
200m farmer’s carry
30 devil’s presses
200m farmer’s carry
20 db deadlifts
200m farmer’s carry

Ideal loading is 2×24/16/12kg kettlebells or 2×50/35/20lbs dumbbells.

Post time to whiteboard!

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The top of a muscle-up should look like a hollow

And just like that we’re halfway through January!

Remember: no 5:30pm or 6:30pm class tonight due to a staff meeting. Guided Training athletes will have access… as long as they bring champagne to share.

CrossFit WOD for Champagne Friday 1/17

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
2 muscle-ups
4 handstand pushups
8 kettlebell swings, 32/24kg

Post score (total reps completed) to whiteboard!

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If you weren’t in on Sunday feel free to do the actual version of the Rogue Qualifier:

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 1/16/2020

AMRAP 10min
1000m row
30 cleans, 35/25/15kg
1000m row
30 jerks, 35/25/15kg

The jerk is an actual jerk- the movement must involve a redip.

Share score to whiteboard! Post-workout involves quad rolling on the hard roller (not foam!) followed by lacrosse balls or Theracanes to the biceps and triceps.

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CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 1/15/2020


AMRAP in 6:00
3 box jumps overs, 24/20/16″
6 deadlifts, 116/79/55kg
9 bar-facing burpees

Share score to whiteboard! Post-workout should restore that posterior chain: arches of the feet, calves, hamstrings, glutes, and back. Starting with some Super Pigeon (:30+/position/side), and foam rolling the lower/middle/upper back.

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Did Bobby just

a.) stand up a clean?
b.) set up for a jerk?
c.) get a picture taken mid-thruster?

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 1/14/2020

Rogue Qualifier 20.2

for time (12:00 time cap)
 squat clean, 61/43/29kg

immediately into

  bar muscle-up
  squat cleans, 84/57/40kg

Share score/time to whiteboard. Post-workout should focus on the lats from all the pulling and the hip flexors for all the squat cleans.

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CrossFit WOD for Mournful Monday 1/13


AMRAP in 20:00
  100 double unders
  80 alternating dumbbell snatches, 50/35/20lbs
  100 double unders
  60 toes-to-bar
  100 double unders
  40 double dumbbell squat, 2×50/35/20lbs
  100 double unders
  20 strict HSPU

Post time to whiteboard unless actually registered for the Qualifier, in which case enter your official scores here. Post-workout would be stretching out those pesky hip flexors and then rolling out the calves for no more than 2:00 at a time. Rounds of repetition up to you!

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