Scaps Squeeze


We prefer to see the shoulder blades move together towards the spine at the top of the pullup for better muscular recruitment and efficiency. The smaller muscles of the arms fatigue quickly so if your sets are small ask yourself “AM I PINCHING MY SCAPS TOGETHER?!”

Tonight we are waxing snowboards and skis at 7:30pm. You don’t have to wax, ski, or snowboard if you just want to hang out. Bring your own beverages and we’ll tune our snow gear just in time for the snow dump this weekend!

CrossFit WOD for Wax-Your-Board Friday 1/10

7 rounds for time:
30 box jumps, 12/8/4″
max (strict) pullups

Post-workout is both straight-leg and bent-leg calf stretching for less than :90/side. Then SMR your lower leg starting at the achilles and slowly moving up.

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