Are you stronger and with better technique than a year ago?

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING for Wednesday 4/28/2021


– 15 air squats
– 12 calories sprint
– 9 hand-release pushups (or HSPU)
– 6 pullups
– 3 knees-to-bar

AMRAP until coach says stop! Feel free to go hard if you’d like (there’s no conditioning today) then let’s do Tabata situps


Every 90 seconds, starting with an empty bar
– HANG SNATCH for as long as possible until you reach or max or total 3 misses then
– HANG CLEAN for as long as possible until you reach a max or total 3 misses

Focus on reaching the FINISH position of each lift to ensure maximum elevation of the barbell, then dive under as quickly as you can.

Post both lifts to whiteboard!


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